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Things That Make You Go, Uhm?

Things That Make You Go, Uhm?

November 6th, 2015

Matik Magazine is glad to bring back a slogan that the famous Arsenio Hall made famous back in the early 90’s when he was interviewing celebrities on his top rated late night talk show, when he highlighted a segment entitled “Things That Make You Go Uhmm??”. Matik Magazine loves to highlight the people that started a technique, promotes young talent, or brings back service to the forgotten. Some of you young readers might not be that old enough to remember the TV show The Arsenio Hall Show back in the day but for the viewers that grew up watching The Arsenio Hall Show, you can relate to what I’m saying about “Things That Make You Go Uhm?”

I’ll start off by saying that Matik Magazine loves to give respect and never will disrespect anyone, anything, any program or any business. Recently there was a couple incidents out there in the world that we would like to put some light on and give you food for thought in a fun way. Have you ever travelled being in a rush to make your flight and you had minutes to make it to your departure gate? Usually when you are travelling in such a hurry it is normal to forget something right? You might’ve forgotten a really good book to read during your flight. You might’ve forgotten to call your neighbor to water your garden while you’re on vacation or you might’ve forgotten your passport. It’s a normal thing nowadays during this time of the “computer age” where multi-tasking is normal.

In living in over 22 different countries, travelling to over 50 countries on a regular basis, you get accustomed to the different regulations of traveling, the different laws and even the microscopic rules that are encrypted on a website that you dont even see. When someone loses a loved one in an accident, tragically, or by natural causes, it hurts. You all can feel me on that one. For example, if you go through a funeral of a family member or loved one, most of the times you can not function for weeks. Going through the motions during the grieving process is one of the most difficult processes to deal with because life goes on and nobody cares. There was a colleague in the Matik world that we won’t mention due to the rspects for his privacy but have his permission to tell you his experience because he wanted everyone in the Matik world to be aware of with things that make you scratch your head or things that make you go uhm?

Many people have packed their favorite cologne while traveling in their carry-on bag before not thinking that when you get to the airport that they might take it from you due to the 9/11 situation back in 2001. Man things have changed indeed. After losing some expensive colognes in the past or losing your favorite perfume a couple times, you will always remember not to pack it on your carry-on the next time because losing your belongings is disappointing and it hurts you in your wallet. Are you with me so far? This Matik Magazine colleague happened to be travelling on a business trip and to look about a family matter of his fallen loved one. He decided to bring a bottle wine as a gift and as a gesture to his Government Official friend to the country where he travelling. During his journey before getting to his departure gate he was running behind scheduled and was constantly looking up at the monitor for the gate number of his departure. He started to pick up his walking pace in hopes of getting to his gate to confirm his seating arrangements because he had a long 15 hour flight ahead of him in which he anticipated was going to be stressful.

He finally gets to the Security check and went through the metal detector as he greeted politely to the prospective gate authorities. When suddenly he was confronted with a situation that many travellers experience often. A Security-worker who was randomly checking passengers carry-bags was noticeably having a bad day and was going through the motions rudely while they were doing their job to the dozens of travellers travelling that day. As the worker started to check our colleagues bag for items against the rules, the worker rudely started to toss our collleagues items aside without explaination by saying “thats not going” and “and thats not going” as she was rudely deciding what was not allowed to be a carry-on. As the story continues, the Security worker reached for our colleagues bottle of wine with a sarcastic gesture on her face and said, “this is definitely not going” pertaining to his bottle of wine. A natural response by anyone would be to ask why? Our travelling colleague did ask why? The response by the worker was “because you didn’t buy it in the airports Duty Free Shop” and tosses a few more items to the side which was to supposedly to go in the garbage. Our colleague then asks, “may I go back to the check-in and put it in my check-in bag?”, the workers responsed “Yes but you should’ve read the rules in section blank-blank on our website”. While the passenger was packing their belongings to go back to check-in as an option, the worker suddenly changed their mind for an unknown reason without explaination. Our colleague then asks the obvious question “why?” and then asks the worker, “where do you gate officials take the belongings of peoples things after they decide it can not accompany the owner on the flight?” The workers response in a cold tone “dont worry about it, it will be discarded in the garbage”. The passenger then responds “why don’t the airport officials keep it for a 2 weeks grace period that will allow the travelling passenger time to get back his belongings upon coming back home?”. The worker at the gate responded “we dont care what your is for but you should read the fine print on our companies website”. Our colleague admittingly got loud and responded to the worker in the exact disrespectful way that he was being treated. The worker at the gate then gets embarrassed by the questions opposed by the passenger and decided to call the Airport Police. “For a bottle of wine” our colleague said to te worker. Our colleague then says “this has got to be for something much more to this”. As the Airport Police came to the scene to attend to the matter, our colleague states that the Airport Police was very professional and handled the situation with so much class. Our colleague was extremely impressed in how the Airport Police handled his unfortunate situation, he felt that his story was significant that he reached out to us at Matik Magazine and insisted that we highlight the positives about his experience and wanted to point out the positive works of the Airport Police in defusing a situation that could of been bad.

As we are told by our colleague, the Airport Police deserves to get the highest honor in handling a very difficult situation that could of went against our colleagues favor because Police have been getting negative Press in the last couple of years. Matik Media Enterprises Magazine is honored to highlight the positive works of Law Enforecement worldwide and feel honored that our colleague was passionate to tell us about his experiences. Everyday there are innocent bystanders that experience bad situations that turn into good situations that are influenced by the good works of Law Enforcement. As the story ends, our colleague was not able to carry the bottle of wine on the plane, which was a gift to his Ambassador colleague in the country he was travelling too. Our colleague ended up giving the bottle of wine to an Executive that worked at the airport as a gift and felt good that his expensive wine didnt go to waste. The question still remains, if items are confiscated by Airport Security at the gate and not by the Airport Poice, where does it go? Things that make you go uhm? It is suggested that Security workers who take away items from passengers that don’t abide by the fine print rules on their website, usually take it home for themselves or toss it in the garbage. If this is true, what a waste. So a Security worker who feels that an item is a threat or dangerous to the public, like a 100ml of contact lense solution, or a tube of toothpaste, or a bottle of expensive perfume that is 50% empty or even a bottle of sealed wine that has not been opened, will be taken away from you. Everybody in the Matik world would agree, respect the rules of authority always. The question that still baffles me and really bothers people is where does the millions of items go after they are taken away? Shouldn’t a passenger have the right to be able to get his belongings back at a later date or pay a small penalty to get his belongings back after he returns home?

Remember the Airport Police were the good guys in this story and were extremely professional the way they handled the situation. You shouldn’t have Police doing Security workers jobs when minor situations occur on a daily basis. It is fair to mention that everyone in the Matik world loves animals, but our colleague told us about an incident the same flight involving a dog that ran loose for about 10 seconds in the aisles of the airplane just before take off. Something doesnt seem right when travellers who get penalized for bringing a bottle of wine on his carry-on bag is suppose be a threat as oppose to a person that brings his animal on a plane and has his dog runs loose for 10 seconds in the aisle of the airplane.
Things that make you go uhm?

Luckily for everyone on the plane with the dog incident the disturbance didn’t happen during the plane was in flight. Passengers who want to bring tootpaste to brush their teeth after a 20 hour flight are not allowed to do so. Is that fair? Its also fair to note that during our colleagues flight there was a very sick passenger that was experienceing great difficulties breathing during the flight and our same colleague actually assisted in helping save a life. Everything happens for a reason and clearly a situation that makes you go uhm?

This is a heartfelt story that our colleague decided to share with us that really touched our hearts. No matter if you are experiencing a really bad day and you are not in the best of moods, put your feelings aside and show consideration to others. This is what life is about. The character of people is very important to us and we should all learn from this story because tommorow is not promised to us. Give thanks and be grateful for the things that seem to go in our favor because there will be times when things may not go our way and we have to show restraint by acting civil about things that may be not right. Things that make you go uhm?


Written by: MLK

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