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The World of Sports and Entertainment

August 28th, 2015 | by Martin Keane
The World of Sports and Entertainment

Matik Magazine Presents

Edmund Chu of

Sports Entertainment Content Activation (SECA)


            Well we’re here once again live and direct from the far East in China. A country that is filled with great opportunities and has a fierce reputation of greatness. It hasn’t been long since the great Yao Ming has retired from the NBA and it has been a little over 7 years since Beijing hosted the 2008 Olympics. It is unanimous across the board that China is definitely a super power to be reckoned with in sports, business, fashion, science and recreation. China has surprised many foreigners who visited this beautiful country, which has encouraged many to return or even stay in Mainland China. Just by the numbers alone which boasts 1.9 billion people, and is steadily growing. China is a special place enriched by its mystique and has a key component woven into their culture, which is discipline.

China as a country in the sports industry has undoubtedly earned the respect of many around the world categorically and in the next 10 years will be a dominant force that will influence the socioeconomic scale. This is why MATIK MAGAZINE has noticed that behind every successful business there is always two ingredients of success that is undeniable which is growth and innovation. SECA is a perfect example of this success and continues to make a significant contribution to the sporting world by representing athletes that offer more than their athletic ability. SECA has capitalized in their company’s vision in representing as much talented athletes as they can in various sports.

The Managing Director of SECA, Edmund Chu has passionately harnessed selected athletes that fit their companies profile of all around greatness in particular sports such as Boxing, Track & Field, Soccer, Basketball, Motorsports to name a few. Mr. Chu doesn’t limit himself to just the far East and has associates in Canada, the United States, Europe, Africa, and as far as Australia. MATIK MAGAZINE is proud to visit and talk with SECA MD, Edmund Chu.

MM: Hello Edmund how are you?

EC: I’m doing great, very excited to speak with you Martin.

 MM: I would like to personally thank you for taking the timeout out of your busy schedule to have a sit down conversation with us. Can you bring us up to date with what you have done so far this year and what you have in store for the remainder of the year 2015?

EC: It’s been an amazing year for our clientele. Some of our highlights include:

  • Both Zou Shiming and Yang Lian Hui fought in World title fights this past year in Macau. It was a great experience for all of us to experience a title fight and although we fell a bit short, we’ll regroup and look for the next challenge.
  • Our endurance runner Chen Pen Bin ran 100 marathons in 100 days to promote the 2020 Beijing Bid for the Winter Olympic games and it was unbelievable how he was able to accomplish this goal. His level of endurance is unquestioned and he also won the endurance run in the Artic;
  • Zhang Yuning was transferred to Holland with BV Vitesse while Zhang Chen Dong became the first Chinese Footballer to play in the Spanish La Liga;
  • Ma Qing Hua won his second championship in the WTCC taking home first place in Portugal;





MM: For some of the people who are not quite familiar with the International Brand aspect of SECA can you give us an overview on what SECA can do to market a product or an individual?

EC: Obviously our role in our athlete’s lives is to identify opportunities for them on the sportive and business side.   We look at the world as a huge marketplace and obviously China sports and China athletes are proving that we are world class and brands certainly want to take advantage of these opportunities.



MM: Would you be willing to add a top NBA prospect to your roster in the near future if that athlete met all your company’s model?

EC: Yes of course, we are excited to work with young prospective athletes and helping them achieve their goals. We are a management company which works with athletes across the spectrum of sports so the sport itself doesn’t come into our decision making process.

We know that representing athletes internationally comes with a lot of unseen challenges, daunting tasks, and specifics in meeting standards in a given country. Can you share with us those challenges in helping people who want to start up a Company Brand such as SECA?

EC: It’s a competitive business and we really believe in being creative and innovative to separate us from our competitors. We have a lot of interactive sessions with all of our staff to ensure that each project or clients receives the best care possible. Professionalism though is key to ensure growth. Your reputation is everything in this business and we’ve been at it for over 25 years.

MM: Can you share with us what are the most rewarding aspects of the business that drives your passion?

EC: To watch your clientele perform at the highest level for the first time and winning something is an incredible experience. To play their first professional game or to win Gold at the Olympics is a wonderful feeling that through all their hard work and dedication they are able to achieve their goals.



MM: Are you a very spiritual person?

EC: Yes absolutely, I’m a believer and this is a big part of my life. In my career, I hope to be responsible and ethical in all of my decision-making.

Do you represent any female athletes at this present time and is there any differences in representing female athletes as opposed to representing male athletes?


EC: We have worked with female athletes and they are very similar to their male counterpart. Athletes are athletes.

MM: Is there a company that you admire in the industry that you respect and look up too?

EC: There are a number of amazing companies that I admire and we certainly look to improve our process and habits by emulating successful ones.



Success at the World Championship


            Well, unfortunately this brings us to close and that about does it for now with Mr. Chu. Hopefully we can sit down with you again in the near future. Maybe we will see you at the NBA All-Star Games in 2016 Toronto or at the Olympics in Brazil next year but along the way please keep us up to date in SECA’s progress. Matik Media Enterprises Group graciously thanks you again and wants you to know we love what you are doing and will be there to support your endeavors in highlighting your prospects whenever needs be. Just give us a call and you are welcome to visit our site anytime at:


Always remember we wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for the people that make it happen. We are servicing over a million people worldwide in 25 different countries and soon to exceed the 2 million mark before the end of this year. Until next time, a star is born every minute somewhere around the globe and we will be there.

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