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The Time is Now for 11:11: EP Review

November 1st, 2015 | by Martin Keane
The Time is Now for 11:11: EP Review

Toronto artist 11:11 recently released his self-titled debut EP. This body of work contains 7 songs which have 11’s talents on full, glaring display. This is a in-depth, track-by-track review of his new project.

11:11 EP Artwork

The overall EP is a well-crafted body of work and it features production from Mark Burnett and Mike DZL. The overall sound and feel of the project is very current by R&B standards, but is definitely unique with its combination of trap music and R&B. It is a personal project as 11 himself spoke on it saying; “”When this project was being made I was going through a hard time in my love life…most of the songs on this EP reflect what was going on at that time”. He continues on to say “Most of us go through break-ups. Whether things end good or bad, it will always hurt. Even though it hurts, you’re not going to live in that forever…regardless of it ending…you’ll be good without them”.

The EP kicks off with ‘West Side’ a slow but bass-heavy ballad which shows 11:11 displaying some style and bravado.

‘You’ is the second song off the EP. It is a slow ballad which may be nostalgic and welcoming for those who are strongly interested in old-school R&B. This song is definitely one that ladies in particular will enjoy due its tone and sound, but the lyrics and music are definitely universal.

‘BYO’ is the 3rd song and is quite impressive. In case you’re confused, it stands Break You Off and its title is quite self-explanatory on what subject matter to expect. Lyrically it’s a top notch song but what’s most impressive the production on it and the instrumental. It brilliantly samples Mariah Carey’s ‘Shake it Off’ and 11 does an exceptional job at delivering on this song.

The fourth song is ‘I’m Good’ and this is definitely one a lot of people will enjoy, from R&B enthusiasts to mainstream listeners. The reasons why are quite obvious; it’s a dope song and the lyrics are relatable. You can hear 11 getting personal, expressing feelings of anger and pain. If you’ve been in a relationship that ended sour, then this is the perfect song to send to your ex as a friendly reminder that you’ll be just fine without them. In fact, tell them, “I’m gonna be fine without you” and if you’re having a hard time getting over them, then “this is that shit you need right here!”

‘My Bish’ is the perfect example of the sound 11 has mastered. The beat resembles that of trap hip-hop but 11 is able to deliver on it. This is the kind of music you could hear in clubs, ride around in or even be on the radio. The dark, ominous beat is definitely reflective of 11:11’s style and persona.

‘Henny & Gin’ continues the EP’s trend of a dark and ominous sound. The alcohol-induced song is definitely catchy and a well-crafted song. Visuals for this song has been shot and will be released shortly.

‘Don’t Worry’ is the final song on this EP. It is a slow song that deals with elements of sex, drugs and alcohol, a common theme on this project. 11 is exceptional at making his emotions be felt through his work and at this point, his execution is flawless. At the 2:27 mark of the song you’re in for a great surprise as the instrumental and tempo changes on the song. Although the instrumental plays itself out, it closes the EP out perfectly.

If you haven’t heard of 11:11 before, listen to this EP and you’ll understand why his star is rising. It’s only a matter of time before he becomes a household name, if he isn’t already. He combines all that is good with R&B with his own signature sound and style. Although 11:11 has a bit of a mystique to him, he can get away with this since his music definitely speaks for itself.

You can stream the entire 11:11 EP below! Leave some comments on your thoughts of this EP.

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