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The New Cyber for The Next Millennium in Sports

The New Cyber for The Next Millennium in Sports

September 9th, 2015

MATIK MEDIA ENTERPRISES MAGAZINE Interview with CEO Carlton Wilson of MyScouTube Inc.

The “Ankh” or Egyptian also known as “breath of life”, considered the key to the Nile River. Is essentially a cross with a handle.  A trilateral sign for the consonants it represents and the concept of eternal life, which is the general meaning of this symbol. No matter what your religion is and widely understood as a symbol of eternal life and spiritual longevity. It’s unanimous far and wide that the “Ankh” represents the male triad and the female unit on this earth. Back in ancient times, Merenptah which was the 13th son of Ramesses II and only came to power because all his older brothers, including his full brother Khaemwaset or Khaemwase, had predeceased him, by which time he was 69 years old. The passing of the baton of knowledge is often not seen and seldom spoken to our youth today. This was the concept of what CEO Carlton Wilson of MyScouTube Inc. had in his blueprint. In organizing a website that offers to all young gladiators, young and old, a chance to communicate under a umbrella and being a library for athletes, Coaches, mentors, and parents. This is going to make it easier for children to reach their dreams scholastically and athletically by allowing athletes to direct coaches and scouts to their sports profile and highlight videos (knowing where your children’s are at a given moment). has been existence for 2 years and has taken the place as an online community center for athletes, Coaches and parents.

It wasn’t long ago during the 80’s and early 90’s that educators and school officials commonly used the jargon “latch key kids”, in describing the time where teenagers of the inner cities as well as suburban kids would go home and wait till their parents got home. That time from 3:30pm until 7:30pm was a period that parents never really had knowledge of what their kids were doing unless they belong to an after school program or apart of a team at school. Now fast forward to this present time, teenagers are most often preoccupied with social media, spending countless time hours on their phones, or surfacing the Web looking for whatever fun videos or outrageous stories that went viral.

Sports has been a universal form of bringing the masses together, whether in competition, house ­leagues , rep ­leagues or on the big stage such an NCAA Championship, the World Cup, the NBA Finals, Wimbledon or the Olympics. Some sporting events comes once a year, once every 4 years, leaving the avid sports fan grasping for more, or eager to re-­live those magical moments amongst themselves on playgrounds or backyards. The search engine YouTube has been such a powerful outlet for student/athletes all over the world, in China, Russia, Africa, or remote places that you wouldn’t think that had reception to plug into the Internet. CEO Carlton Wilson capitalized on sporting industry itself by creating a website that encourages athletes, coaches, parents and even teachers to use. The website’s purpose is to interact with other athletes, by taking it to another level!

Approved by the mighty NCAA Board of Directors, and respecting all the rules & guidelines in operating such a website, Mr. Wilson is ahead of his time.

Remember when Facebook and YouTube had just started out, who would think how far they would take their companies. is forming a sports world for athletes to communicate and use the website as a stepping stone for information and get their questions answered by common athlete who has already achieved sporting success. Now Mr. Wilson has that daunting task to pool all the athletes together under one umbrella, weathering the storm of other social media websites trying to gain viewership consideration. MyScouTube wants to capitalize on the sports industry at the grassroots level and be a valuable source of information for the athletes to communicate amongst themselves without further distractions and limitations. “So let the games begin” as they would say at the first Olympics.

multi-logo for web pagesMM: How are you Mr. Wilson fine day today?

CW: I’m good and you.

MM: Thank you for taking the time to have a sit down with Matik Media Enterprise Magazine today. Can you tell us when your idea of started and what were the landmarks in your life in getting the company in actual operation mode?

CW: Yes, I like to see young athletes strive and to do their very best. I decided to do a website that gives the athlete the ability to upload their highlight videos, sports profile (CV/Resume) and help to connect them to the sports professionals that will get them to the next level. I started in 2013.


MM: You are a family man and a tireless worker they say amongst your peers, and Executive associates. Can you tell us how many children do you have and are you married?

CW: I have 3 sons and a daughter. Nathan is 24, Nya my daughter is 21, Isaiah is 18 and my youngest is Ethan he is 9. My wife is a devoted Christian and her prayers have helped our family through to this point in our lives.



MM: You have 3 sons and your middle son just recently got enrolled to New York State St. Bonaventure University a couple of weeks ago.

Congratulations to that. Can you expand on your other 2 son’s and what future do you see for them?

CW: My eldest boy was an outstanding soccer player up until age 17. One of the best young players I honestly saw, maybe because I’m dad.  Isaiah signed with St Bonaventure University as a center back and mid-fielder. He is striving and exceeded his winning percentage already and is off to a good start. My youngest son Ethan is a combination of his older brothers and hard worker with leadership qualities on the field. My daughter Nya is starting out part-time working in the Day Care industry.


MM: Your ability to have as many athletes all under one umbrella is a daunting task. Can you share with us who are the other companies that you have partnered up with in making your dream a reality with MyScouTube?


CW: Specifically, FC Durham soccer academy and Tom Croft has been giving me some valuable advice and input in how to help the youths. Nowadays the kids have great potential but they don’t do the necessary ground work in marketing themselves properly as they should. A lot of times it gets too late when they start to grasp the concept of learning how to market yourself properly.

MM: Can you share with us some of the challenges you faced getting started with your company and also continue to face? In the internet world is very competitive and so many distractions for people to staying focused, especially teenagers and College. Have you a strategy in keeping your loyal members consistently under the umbrella of

CW: To be honest I’m fighting with the challenges right now in getting people not only to visit the website regularly by going to as they would brushing their teeth in the mornings. It was a hurdle to get the website off the ground. Now with limited time to aggressively market by going to all the events is tough. I’m a family man, I have my 9-5 in the Electronic Design sector and need more time to get out there.

MM: I know with the emergence of the Senior Women’s Canadian National Team and the Toronto Blue Jays up there in Canada, what are some of the techniques that you have learned or acquired from these successful organizations in helping to grow to your goals?

CW: I don’t do anything specifically but I look at Canadian Sports on a whole is producing more and more high profile athletes. offers a player to get his highlights video’s uploaded in getting started with the process. is free, and we highlight all sports. When you have the ability to upload your video and talk to other athletes, coaches, scouts and agents in their particular sport is powerful!

MM: Does have a strong Baseball market for the little leagues yet? What about Golf or Boxing?

CW: I don’t focus on one particular sport but absolutely we would love to encourage gold enthusiasts to upload their video and study their swing or T shot regularly to help improve there deficiencies. I essentially want to become like a sports dictionary for the world to use.



MM: Do you plan to at the Final Four NCAA Finals or the NBA All Star Game here in Toronto February 2016?


CW: Most definitely. I would love to go and see all the NCAA Championships and shake hands and meet those next superstar of tomorrow! Going to an NBA All Star Game in my city of Toronto is huge because I remember growing up wishing we had a team. It would be good to go and talk to some of the NBA All Star Players and probably ask a few of them for marketing assistance.

MM: In your opinion Mr. Wilson, what are the latest trends have you noticed in sports in general at the high school and collegiate levels?


CW: Speaking from a Canadian prospective. I have noticed that the Canadian athletes are being more and more valued now than opposed to the past. Overall the athletes are taking their skills sets to another level and the American coaches are now coming up here by the dozens.

MM: Where do you see in the next 2 years? Would you consider selling your company to some of the anxious Chinese and Russian sports companies that want to break into the North American market?

russia-flag-button-1 (1)


CW: Well my dream is to see it develop into a sports directory. Not just to find athletes, Clubs, Coaches and School Officials. I want it to be a household name like YouTube or a Facebook. I would be more interested to sell percentages to investors that want to be apart of the development process and for to be more marketable with improvements every year.

MM: What is the ultimate goal for  Would you think about putting it on the stock market for investors if you exceed expectations?

CW: My number one goal is to be a number 1 website in searching for athletes, and getting in touch with a Coaching Staff at a particular institution.  Right now is not at that magnitude yet and we still have a ways to go.


MM: Will you eventually charge people to be a member of the website  What is the target magical number that must exceed before you start membership fee?

CW: I am hoping never to charge members.  I want to have a Development Service. For example, if you are an Athlete looking to get started, can create a highlight video CV that would be uploaded to and professionally packaged to send off to prospective teams.

MM: I know you have talked about some impressive sponsors that you would like to come aboard, can you mention to us who they are? What kind of affiliation would you want Matik Media Enterprises Magazine to play a role with

CW: Yeah I’m doing that right now in talking with Matik Media Enterprises Magazine and hopefully meeting with the Board of Directors really soon. I would love to sit down with Maurice Julien to discuss furthering my marketability for

matik magazine

MM: Is there anything that you would like to say to friends, Companies, or any Businesses that have helped you along the way in making it happen for

CW: Along with FC Durham that I have already mentioned, there are 2 Web designers that have helped me a great deal and I would like to thank Narresh  Parmar and Roddy Pedro Carbonell.


MM: Well that about does it for another interview and it was our pleasure to talk with CEO Carlton Wilson. Thank you Sir.

CW: No problem, thank you.

MM: Don’t forget Matik world to log on to all day everyday, improve your marketability and get that scholarship. Remember no books, no looks.

Please check out the website and sign up today at:


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Well in the competitive world if business, being able to market yourself is increasingly being very important in 2015 and learning how to market yourself properly is at the forefront of MyScouTube agenda as a company and a brand. Carlton Wilson of MyScouTube has big plans for the athletes of tomorrow and can undoubtedly package any amateur in the right way in order to get a legitimate opportunity. Wherever a successful person is, wherever a blossoming athlete may reside, the will to cross all boarders and exceeding expectation is a key component to what attracts Matik Media Enterprises Magazine to cover a story. In a few moments Matik Media Enterprises Magazine will be available on the latest video streams and we will be taking our services to a higher level. The people are the foundation in what we do and giving the best service possible is what we strive for and want to maintain for our networking purposes. Remember to stay Matik and also check out our newest member at MATIK MEDIA ENTERPRISES MAGAZINE all day everyday.


Written by: Martin Keane

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