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The Lee Benson Story

The Lee Benson Story

October 25th, 2015


Interview with Mr. Big Lee Benson


Motivation is a theoretical construct used to explain behavior. It represents the reasons for people’s action, desires, and needs. Motivation can also be defined as ones direction to behavior, or what causes a person to want to repeat a behavior and visa versa. A motive to be a Champion is what prompts the person to act in a certain way leading to his goal, or at least develop an inclination for a specific behavior to obtain the rewards of his/her dreams. For example, when someone eats food to satisfy their hunger, or when a student does his/her work in school because he/she wants a good grade to go to university. This is all the fact of what encourages a person in getting or going after his/her goals.

Motivation is in every Champions heart in why they do the things they do. The journey is the best part because after winning your first Championship all you have to aspire is to repeat the steps of your blue print in how you got there. Over time in building a legacy or becoming legendary, you have to change with the times because a Champion is born every minute. To sustain your title or status as a Champion, you generally have to surround yourself with good people who will add to your energy, not take away from it. There are a variety of individuals that come from different pedigrees and having your children continue your legacy all constitutes to your DNA. Your DNA is something special that your children will cultivate automatically because of your gene pool and they will eventually go on to live their path in life on the same frequency that you have instilled in them through your chromosomes. Strangely enough through faith, scientists are still doing research try to figure out the holy grail of God’s natural mystics of our origins. Your children might not follow a star athletes path in sports or reach to the moon like an astronaut but the DNA that your child have to achieve will be in them. He doesn’t have to repeat in his/her father’s footsteps in being a Doctor but generally a families expectation of being successful is assumed will be with them unless his parents had spoiled him/her in the beginning. That’s where that saying comes from ,“he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth” but some people are self made and had to work for everything from the beginning. I think that there is a worldwide consensus that people root for the underdog and can relate with individuals that came up through the trenches like Lee Benson. Lee Benson is a legendary basketball player, a father, a mentor, a brother and a self made man.






Matik Media Enterprise Magazine is proud to once again be with a Hall of Fame man like Lee Benson. We are proud to be sitting in the presence of a pioneer of the game and well known superstar in 3 different Continents with millions of fans worldwide. Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome Lee Benson.


MM: Finally, we meet up again Big Lee. How you doing brother?

LB: I’m good man. I’m glad to be here. I’m glad you are healthy.

MM: Thanks bro..tell me Lee can you share with the world what you have been up too the last couple of years?

LB: Oh, right now I’m still pursuing my basketball career playing with T-Mac’s team around China and next year Ray Allen is suppose to come over here and play as well. Right now just enjoying life.



MM: Some people remember your name but can you give light too your experiences in playing in CBA league? Which years were the most memorable years for you as a Pro?

LB: I played in Tianjin, Yunan, Sanxu teams. My memorable year was 2004 and 2008. I was Center of The Year and Player of The Year. We finished 3rd and 4th respectively in 2004 & 2008, we were suppose to finish 15th but we ended up finishing 3rd with Coach Wu. Coach Wu right now is Coaching in the NBL right now and I really miss him.


MM: Can you take us back in time a little and give us some knowledge how you were ranked as a player coming out of high school in Dayton Ohio?

LB: Well, I only played that 1 year. I was ranked #3 player in America and my high school was called Dayton Dunbar Coached by Mike Henley. I still keep in touch with some of my teammates like “Big Daddy” Daniel Wilkenson who went on to Ohio State as a Defensive End. Another running mate was Richard “Tu-tu” Brown and I believe he coaching as an Assistant Coach in high school in Ohio.

MM: After your high school career, what were your schools of choice you were suppose to attend and what happened?


LB: I was suppose to go to Oklahoma Sooner Coached by Billy Tubbs but it didn’t work out that way.

MM: I know that you are very religious because I remember we had some extensive talks about faith and our beliefs of a high power. Can you elaborate on that for your fans and how that has played a tremendous role for you to overcome your obstacles in life?

LB: Yes absolutely, my faith is number one for me believing God and doing the right thing. You can’t do nothing without HIM.

MM: Can you tell us about your Mother’s and Father’s role in your upbringing?

LB: My Mother and Father were strong influences in my life and in May 2016 they will be married 46 years. My Mother name is Neva and my Father’s name is Lee Benson Sr.

MM: As a family man, you were recently married to your wife and had a baby a couple of years now. Can you share with us what they mean to you? As a devoted family man, how many children are blessed with now Lee?




LB: I love my family, I love my wife Jazz. I have 2 children. My son is going to be 11 years old in November and my daughter will be 2 years old on Christmas Day. I got 3 brothers, Ryan, Prince and Chris. I got 2 sisters, Dawn and Stephanie.



MM: You have won numerous awards throughout your journeys worldwide in Europe, Asia, South America and all parts in between. Can you tell us the most memorable achievement that you have received in your career?

LB: I would have to say in 2004 I was Euro Basket Player of The Year and in Cyprus I was MVP. I was reminiscing  of Butch Carter who I have been knowing for years. I remembered back in the day how he wanted me to play for him and I remembered him telling me to do the right things back in the day. If you get a chance tell him I said hello because he knows T-Mac very well also back in the day. I heard about that league in Canada and I would come to Canada and play for Butch in a minute.



MM: For real? They were thinking about hiring me to Coach one of the teams but I never heard back from them. I know they would take a look at you and most likely sign you but I’ll pass the message on to him for you. I told my Assistants that I was thinking of hiring you if I got confirmation but didn’t hear back from them.

MM: I know that your Basketball IQ is off the charts and you play 100% like a true veteran every time you hit the floor. Who would you say is the greatest Top 5 players of all time in the NBA?




LB:• I would go with Magic Johnson as my Point Guard.

•I would have Michael Jordan as my Shooting Guard.

•I would have Larry Bird at the 3 spot.

•I would put Wilt Chamberlain and The Dream at the 4 spot.

•At my 5 spot I would have to go to Kareem Abdul-Kabbar.

MM: Is there anyone that comes to mind that you want to reach out too that was instrumental in your path to success as a player or as a man in life?

LB: Yes, I want to reach out to Coach Flax and his wife. He was my Junior College Coach in Salinas, Kansas at Brown Mackey College.

MM: You have always had streets smarts being an old school “OG” . What can you tell us about some of the high school players that you see coming out now that are high major prospects for the NBA like yourself was back in the day, how do they differ from the players back in the 90’s?


LB: The high school talent is ridiculous right now physically and they are just athletically gifted. They need to listen more. This generation nowadays want to shoot the 3 point shot a lot more because they don’t want to bang inside. There are no more bangers inside and we need to get back to the basics of the post players grinding it out down low.

MM: In life sometimes we don’t have full control of our destiny and in life you can’t do it all by yourself. What is some advice that you can give to athletes out there in the world that might be facing adversity right in this very moment?

LB: Keep your head, believe in yourself. Never give up when things get tough. Believe in God and you will be alright.

MM: Well Big Lee, unfortunately brother we have come to the end of our enjoyable sit down with you today. Can you share with us and your fans around the world, when are you going to retire? Do you have anything that you would like to share with your fans out there in the world?

LB: I’m going to retire next year. The love I have for the sport is going to be hard when I leave the game. (Pause) But I want to finish when I walk away on top.

MM: Thanks brother for spending the time and I’ll see you soon Big Lee.


If you believe, you will achieve. You got to plan your plan and work your plan. Don’t forget to have fun along the way and say your prayers and be thankful every time you wake up in the morning to bless your eyes for another day.  Like in Malcolm Gladwell book says “The 10 000 Rule in order to reach your optimum level of greatness”, you got to put in the time to be great.                                Mathematically speaking, 8% of every league in the world will have losing records the first half of any season. No matter the genres , weather in sports, or any competitive category in life, you will have a winner and a loser. Motivation, preparation, expectation and visualization are 4 key perspectives of what makes a Champion.

Lee Benson is a man of faith and has seen more than his share of success and valleys in reaching his goals. Matik Media Enterprise Magazine is very fortunate to attract great people like a Lee Benson who has done it, been there, and done that. To the many athletes around he world who can relate to Lee Bensons’s story of perseverance after the age 40 and is still actively playing professional ball is a testament to his will.

Everybody here at Matik Media Enterprise Magazine salutes Lee Benson as a true soldier to game of life and we are praying for you much more success and hopefully we will be able to see you at the NBA 2016 All Star Game in Toronto. Keep us informed on your continued success and we would love you to visit with us at are studios if you come to Toronto. Welcome to the Matik family brother.




Written by: Martin

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