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The Cannabusiness

November 28th, 2016 | by That Mikey
The Cannabusiness

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Cannabis plants have been around long before humans and having had their evolutionary head start on us, seem ready to reveal the information it may store (should one choose to explore). With present day medical  cannabis advancements, breakthroughs in field research and amendments to the laws, we have been slowly restoring a deeper understanding towards what some cultures have known throughout the span of our collective existence.



Since its discovery, Cannabis and the entourage of sub-compounds have blazed a trail towards insightful, everyday, real-world practical uses. From textiles, fabrics, building materials, fuels, medicine and even food, we now are learning of the true potential of a very special relationship with cannabis plant.


The Body & Plant Connection

Within our bodies, we have what is known as the endocannabinoid system and it is greatly responsible for regulations of our immune system and management of things such as hunger, pain-sensation, feelings and overall consciousness. Spread throughout our bodies from the brain to lowest limbs,  are  the endocannabinoid’s CB1 and CB2 receptors that receive and respond to the compounds in the bloodstream. There are over 200 known  sub-compounds  however, the primary  compounds are  THC and CBD. THC and CBD are the two sides of this cannabis coin and we are understanding more each passing day about the therapeutic benefits to the mammalian biosystem.  In other words from head to toe, the body has evolved to be able to metabolise the therapeutic compounds  found in cannabis.


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The studies and discoveries around CBD and THC continue on with promising results and laws being passed allow Canadians easier access to this alternative treatment choice.  The interest has been growing as people are learning the safer, more natural options for treating a multitude of ailments and disorders.

Indica, Sativa & Hybrids

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Geographically speaking, the cannabis plant is prolific and has expressed many variations of strains and phenotypes  growing practically anywhere. It’s not uncommon for ardent cultivators and crafty growers to seek out Indica and Sativa strains, clones and their seeds.  These searches can take a person all over the Earth to locating new hybrids or even the original progenitors known as landraces aka the grandparent strains, ones that trace back to ancient times. Landraces lend many thanks to adaptation, as they can be found growing in all types of environments ranging from cold, harsh mountainous regions to hot sunny tropical locales. These are considered golden discoveries as the landraces native to the respective location will have evolved to provide some interesting expressions in a myriad of ways such as appearance, aroma, flavour and even therapeutic use.



Strain Theory

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In sociology and criminology, strain theory states that social structures within society place pressure to the citizens forcing crime and its causes. With the historical rise of  pills being prescribed as the only solution, or when access to medication is impeded by rigid laws and political bureaucracy there  are many people sometimes cut off to this form of medication caught in the circumstances.

In August of 2016, our government produced the ACMPR: Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations effectively granting Canadians with a Healthcare Practitioner prescript a chance to legally utilise, and possess cannabis. The benefits of this new and  budding form of medical treatment have seen a surge in popularity and use ranging from paediatric patients to the greying senior’s population. Overall, education about the benefits of cannabis has been doubling awareness while reducing the stigma and stereotypes.

The use of this plant based medicine will be a very individual choice for people, therefore, the individual will assign priority around reasons, method and application. For some cannabis remains recreational for a cool and breezy lovely afternoon meanwhile, for others cannabis is viewed as a sacrament with ancient undertones to be used alongside spiritual beliefs.

One thing that is certain is that the buzz is all the way up regarding Cannabis.


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