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NHL’s Rising Star

August 13th, 2015 | by Martin Keane
NHL’s Rising Star

MATIK Magazine Presents

NHL Rising Star of the Pittsburgh Penguins Jaden Lindo

Once again we are above the horizon with the Matik Magazine up front and center with Pittsburgh Penguins Jaden Lindo. Today we are honored to sit down with Jaden Lindo and talk about his positive contributions to his community as well as his hard work in getting to hockey’s premier stage, the National Hockey League.

The Pittsburgh Penguins is one of the NHL’s top teams with a couple of Hall of Famer’s in Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin which is sure to have a legitimate challenge again for an opportunity at the coveted Stanley’s Cup. The Pittsburgh Penguins have added a few pieces in the off season that is sure to strengthen the team’s core and to prepare for a chance to sustain a lengthy run this upcoming season. Although Jaden Lindo is a young promising prospect with an insurmountable amount of skill, a genuine personality and his humbleness that attracted the Matik Magazine to him. There are not too many young stars today that display a particular poise and uniqueness in personality that is willing to give 120% to their team unconditionally. Jaden Lindo certainly had great parental support since day one, instilling in him the values and preparing him for adulthood. Undoubtedly, it’s the values from your parents that will carry a young professional beyond his athletic career in being a man of character and giving service to his community. Matik Magazine is thankful for Jaden Lindo to take time out in his busy schedule to talk to us about his inspiring story of success in getting an opportunity in being drafted to one of sports premier leagues, the NHL

Written by: Martin Keane

MM: How are you Mr. Lindo?

JL: Great thank you.

MM: We know it’s been a tough summer for you as always, preparing yourself for this upcoming 2015-2016 season. In doing interviews, spending time with your family and friends. Can you tell us what does it feel like getting that official call from the Pittsburgh Penguins confirming that you were indeed their selection to be a part of the Penguins family?

JL: Yes, it was tremendous, it felt like a dream come true. It was unbelievable to be drafted.

MM: They say a player’s journey in making it in professional sports is the actual fun part of making it to the highest level of one’s sport. Can you tell us who were your mentors growing up and what were some of your fondest memories along the way?

JL: In every young players lives they have an idol. For me it was Jarome Iginla when he first played with Calgary and they went to the Stanley’s Cup finals. He was a great leader and it was good to be able to finally meet my idol. Words can’t describe it.



MM: It was last year since you were drafted and I’m sure you are still amazed at your accomplishments. Can you tell us what it was like to meet a legend like Sidney Crosby and what you admired about him as a player and a person?

JL: The first time I saw him was in the summer. I can remember that I was walking through some doors and I saw someone on the other side of the door that was about to pass through. I naturally held the door open to let the person out first and there he was, Sidney Crosby. I was speechless and it took me off guard. He introduced himself and we exchanged pleasantries. The one thing I admire about Sidney Crosby is that he is a leader and just a solid guy that is willing to help his teammates. It was great to meet a Hall of Famer like Sidney Crosby.


MM: In every sport there seems to be a common denominator with all stars that enter the league for their first time as a rookie, which is being disciplined, focused and character ready. Can you share with young hopefuls that is training right now 3 main things to remember during the journey in getting a chance to showcase themselves?

JL: The biggest one is hard work. My parents pushed me and I always thought to push myself 110% and the rest will come. The other big thing is to enjoy playing the game. You have to apply yourself and make hockey your lifestyle. Finally, you have to have confidence in yourself. I always thought that if you don’t believe in yourself it’s going to be difficult to make your dreams a reality.

MM: When you actually play your first NHL game is there any immediate goals for you as a player that you want to accomplish in the NHL when you finally get your chance to prove yourself?

JL: Well, when I was a kid I always wanted to play in the NHL. If I get the opportunity my goal is to stay there and win a Stanley Cup for my team.

MM: I’m sure your admiring fans would like to know when you come to Toronto are you going to have a little chance to sign autographs after the game and take pictures with young kids that are anticipating your arrival? As well, is there any fan or people that you would like for the Matik Magazine to recognize with special regards from you?

JL: I believe in giving back to my community that I grew up in and to always support the booster clubs, public service and to support the fans, especially those that are less fortunate.



MM: They say the hardest thing in becoming a lawyer is passing the actual LSAT exams in getting into Law School. What can you tell some of the hockey prospects that are working really hard today in the OHL right now in their journey showcasing their skills to get an opportunity?

JL: It goes back to hard work, confidence and enjoying the game. I love hockey so much that even when in my days off, I’m always doing something related to hockey in bettering myself all-around.

MM: Outside of hockey is there any hobbies that you like to do when you get a chance to get some rest?

JL: Even when I’m not on the ice I have that mindset. But I enjoy going to the movies and my favorite movie is the Transformers series.

MM: I’m sure curious minds would like to know who were your favorite NHL players that you liked watching growing up?

JL: I like Jarome Iginla, Wayne Simmons and Joel Ward to name a few.

MM: Some of the greatest character players in the NHL have personal rituals that help them through difficult periods of adversity since they were young hopefuls. Can you tell us what’s your motivation and what photographic picture that is cemented in your psyche when times get rough?

JL: Well, a ritual that I have was quite personal. Before I went to the OHL I asked my mother if she could get a necklace for me with my favorite number #22. I was so greatful and ever since I never took it off. It reminds me of my Mother and Father and all of their hard work in supporting me though my journey to this point.


MM: Lastly, can you tell us 3 things that you have learned in the OHL that has helped you in your preparations in being drafted to the NHL?

JL: The biggest thing that I have learned is Preparation. Hockey is a lifestyle, whether it’s eating, sleeping, training or meditating. Hockey is on my mind most of the time. I asked myself, how I’m going to perform weeks ahead. So I must eat right and stay disciplined across the board. Visualize it before game time.

Well we have unfortunately come to a close with our discussion with an interesting character. A young rising star that is determined to stay focused and ultimately get a chance to make significant contributions this year with the Pittsburgh Penguins. We once again thank you Jaden Lindo and would like to revisit you again in the near future once you are settled. The Matik Magazine can never say it enough, but where would we be without the support of nearly 2 million people worldwide in 25 different countries? We at the Matik Magazine are forever grateful to the loyal readers who have supported our magazine since day 1. The first annual Matik BBQ appreciation event for the people was a huge success. You can find coverage of it exclusively on our YouTube channel and our site at Until then live your life smoothly without no static, and remember to always keep it Matik!

Peace & Love

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