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my hair and beauty

March 18th, 2013 | by Narrantes Thomas
my hair and beauty
1. Your hair is made up of keratin.So a balanced diet,vitamins and water are extremely helpful.Your hair gets it’s nutrients from your body.So healthy body healthy hair.There are some hereditary factors and medications that can affect hair in a variety of ways.So always pay attention to your hair it is a good indicator for other things that maybe happening internally.Less is more when it comes to hair, over styling and excessive heat can be damaging.Remember to trim your hair every 2 to 3
months to keep it healthy and free of split ends. Hair treatments 2 to 3 times a month.
2. When searching for a stylist ask someone for a referral. Ask people you see with healthy and well kept hair.You also want a time efficient stylists as well.Your time is important. Someone who knows about haircare and cares for your hair type.
3.A well balanced diet can aid in keeping your hair in good shape.The Canadian food guide is a excellent tool.Of course taking into consideration allergies and special diets.The following things outside of diet can have extreme effects on your hair Illness,Vitamin deficiencies,Hormones,pregnancy,chemo and stress just to name a few.
4.It all depends on your hair type as well as the physical activities.Swimming tends to dry the hair so special shampoos and conditioner is needed  . Things to consider when choosing products are, oily,dry,curly,weak,straight etc.  Ask your trusted stylist what they recommend.
5.Hair type is determined by the follicle, the scalp indentation that houses the hair root.Thanks to genetics ,follicles are determine your hair shape and hence , type.All hair types come in three major textures coarse,medium and fine. Incidentally, you can have a combination of all three on different parts of your head. Hair grows at a rate of approximately quarter inch to half an inch per month. Hair is simply amazing so many variations. Info from A Dickey Hair Rules.

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