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Matik Magazine Exclusive: Q&A with Pat Barrett

July 1st, 2015 | by Martin Keane
Matik Magazine Exclusive: Q&A with Pat Barrett

The Matik Magazine presents an exclusive interview with Southern California All-Star AAU Basketball Team Coach Pat Barrett.

By: Martin Keane

It’s been almost over three decades that Pat Barrett has been coaching the West Coast powerhouse AAU program, Southern California Basketball Team located in Los Angeles, California. It was in 2011 when I had the dubious honor of meeting Head Coach Pat Barrett of the Southern California All Star Team on our quest for the Las Vegas Early Bird Basketball Tournament, which Pat had won.  Superstar basketball phenom Xavier Rathan Mayes from Toronto, Canada first made his debut and won the tournament MVP trophy.  He averaged 33 points, 8 assists, 5 rebounds and 3 steals a game against likely first round draft picks. They say a team with synergy can accomplish the most incredible things, especially when everybody is on the same page and when everybody plays together as a team.  Pat Barrett has been there before winning championship after championship for his program since the day he started.  Many people wonder what is the secret ingredient for having a winning championship program. Matik Magazine special contributor Martin Keane got an exclusive interview with Pat Barrett himself.

MM: Pat, when was the Southern California All Star Basketball Team founded?

PB: Well, I started Southern California All Stars in 1979 after my own career playing against the Globe Trotters and I partnered up with Gary McKnight, the legendary Head Coach from Mater Dai Prep School in Southern California.

MM: Did you ever think that you were going to be this successful when you started the program?

PB: No, we were just fortunate to get the best players to play for the Southern California All Stars. I wanted to give back and that was the formula.

MM: What were the negative aspects of the AAU Basketball industry?

PB: I don’t think there were any. You have to have sponsorships. You have to have money in order to deal with the trips, hotels, flights, entry fees, etc.  Also getting former players to give back.

MM: Can you name the most promising star you have coached to date?

PB: Tyson Chandler! Tyson came from humble beginnings, and developed into an NBA Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist. Tyson probably has a chance to have a 20 year career of playing in the league, no doubt. He went through a lot in terms of having potential and reaching his potential. At 7’0 he is one of the few players that will probably play a little beyond 18 years if he wants to.

MM: Who are your favorite Teams and Coaches in the NBA?

PB: Well, I love Pat Riley and Jerry West. I grew up with that. When I was a younger I was a Boston Celtics fan.  As far as Coaching goes, I like Scotty Brooks and Steve Kerr. I think that they bring a lot of class to the game.

MM: What are the most significant changes that you have seen in AAU Basketball over the last 20 years?

PB: Well, I would have to say the shoe companies involvement. Now, they are more integrating their brand to the grassroots of basketball by each brand sponsoring their own tournament.

MM: Where do you think the AAU Basketball industry is going in the next 10 years?

PB: Well, I think its going to be great. All the shoe companies have leagues as far as helping potential stars get recruited. Nike has EYBL, and Adidas has many across America. You have major shoe companies having tournaments that are taking it to another level.

MM: Do you think the rules will change dramatically in basketball in future?

PB: I think it will be the same. I think that they might change the shot clock by making the game faster.

MM: Are there any upcoming stars to look out for in the next 5 years that you want people to look out for?

PB: Absolutely! On the West Coast there is a top player named Cassius Stanley who is only an eighth grader. He’s about 6’5 and jumps out of the gym, a wing player. I think he is the next star. There is also a point guard by name of Spencer Freedman who will be transferring to Mater Dai Prep school this upcoming fall.  He is a very good passer, great shooter and about 6’1.  USC, Santa Barbara, UCLA and a whole bunch of other schools are waiting to see how he develops.

MM: If you can name 3 key things that people who want to invest into Southern California Basketball program or parents that want their child to develop in your program, what would it be?

PB: Helping kids reach their dreams, helping the kids get off the streets and putting that time in the gym. Last but not least, helping the kids get a College Scholarship.

MM: Well, Pat it’s been a pleasure getting some insight from a Championship caliber Coach such as yourself and on behalf of The Matik Magazine I would like to personally thank you for your contributions to society and making your neighbourhood and the world a better place. 

If you would like to know more information about the Southern California All-Stars and the work Pat Barrett does be sure to visit their website. 

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