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Mastering the Course with David Roy

August 28th, 2015 | by Martin Keane
Mastering the Course with David Roy

MATIK Magazine Presents David Roy

Matik Magazine is proud to be with you again and sit down with golf’s premier teacher in China, David Roy. Some have described him as a pioneer, a teacher, a father and a husband but we at the Matik Magazine regard David Roy as family. It seems like yesterday when one of Matik’s representatives first discovered this classy, soft spoken, honorable gentleman that was in the United States Armed Forces and literally applied his passion in teaching golf all across China. From Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and as far as Hong Kong David Roy has been practically living in airplanes. He is trying to find the balance in his life with his family and the sport that he loves very much. David Roy has given hope to young student golfers all over the world with keeping a steady business schedule while travelling back and forth to Southern California to spend time with his family. David Roy has tirelessly worked for numerous Golf Resorts and has single handedly revolutionized the perception of golf in Mainland China. What is next for this golf juggernaut? One thing is for sure, we will definitely find him on a golf course teaching the techniques to golf enthusiasts as young as 6 years old, but more importantly this solid human being exceeds expectations as a man who exemplifies what a true gentleman should be as well as to be a good shepherd in his community. We welcome David Roy and we are honored as always with all of our guests, who spend time with us and share with the world some interesting lessons about business and life.

MM: Hello David, how have you been my friend?

DR: I have been great. It’s been great my friend.

MM: I want to personally thank you for taking time out because of the 12-hour time difference to Canada has always been a challenge. Can you tell us when did you start playing golf and where?

DR: Well, I started playing golf in 1980 in the US Military, beginning in the Philippines where I was with the Navy and the Army. I was fortunate to enter the military in 1975 when the entire Military was pulled out of Vietnam.


MM: Are you an active member of the Professional Golfer Association and how does one qualify in being a member?

DR: No, I am not. I am in Hong Kong PGA Seniors. I am teaching and based in Shenzhen now enjoying the lovely weather and have a new chapter in my life.




MM: Are you married, and do you have any children?

DR: Yes, I am married to my lovely wife Fair. We got married in Hei Long Jiang, China. We have a lovely son who is 14 years old named Lawson.


Roy and his family enjoying themselves.

MM: David, can you tell us what is your biggest inspiration and what drives your passion to teach as many kids as you do on a regular basis?

DR: Golf is the most honorable sport that builds character and I think golf has so much class to the game. Golf is the only sport where a player raises his hand in the air as a gesture when a player commits a foul. I love golf.


MM: Who would you say is the golfer that you admire the most since you started playing the golf?

DR: I still have to say Jack Nicklaus and many people in the world would agree.

MM: So do you reside in China full time now or are you still based in California?

DR: I reside in China full time and I have lived here for 21 years since 1994. Before moving to China, I was at Pebble Beach at Spy Glass Hill and La Quinta Citrus Course. Not many people get a chance to even play these courses much less work there and I have always been proud of this.



MM: What is your opinion on Tiger Woods?

DR: I will say this: Tiger Woods made me a better player and I learned how to drive the ball longer just by emulating his swing flexibility. In my opinion Tiger should take it back to the basics and follow what his father instilled in him early. You know Tigers Father used to rattle a set of keys on the odd times when Tiger was about to putt to encourage him to play through distractions or even to follow what his Father always said to him, “relax and make it easy”. If his Father was alive today I’m sure he would be No. 1, but Tiger has got to go back to the basics.

MM: In teaching golf on a regular basis, what are the 4 main things you have noticed in correcting people’s swings or giving advice to their game?

DR: Let’s see… I would say first, the main thing is to relax. Everybody is nervous the first time you do anything. Second, keep it simple. Don’t get confused with all these techniques because there are dozens upon dozens of ways to go about it. Third, keep it natural. Do what comes natural in your own style. And Last but not least, be happy. Enjoy and have fun.


David teaching golf



MM: I know the last time you helped me on my swing, we talked about bringing some NBA celebrities to China. Do you still have that dream and is it possible?

DR: Of Course, I have an opportunity to do that now. I have a huge Golf Academy in Shenzhen with a lot of great people behind me.\

MM: We have been talking back and forth trying to keep up with each other, can you share with our fans your ambition to integrate golf with basketball, and do you feel it can still work given your changed circumstances?

DR: Let’s start, well, what is the object of golf? Putting the ball in the hole. What is the object of basketball? Putting the ball in the hole or basket. Keep it simple. The two sports would work together for sure.

MM: Who were your favorite NBA stars, past or present, that you enjoyed meeting or have played with on the golf course?

DR: I really never played basketball. I had a wonderful time when I met your buddy Clyde “The Glide” Drexler from the original Dream Team. The golf clubs were really small in his hands but Clyde is a very good golfer and I witnessed some great shots when Clyde came to China at Earl’s Golf Club in Beijing.



David Roy with Clyde Drexler


MM: I know how much your family misses you when you are on the road touring internationally. Can you describe how tough is it for you and your family during these times?

DR: Well (5 second pause). My wife is Chinese and everything she does is geared towards family. It’s awesome to be married to this lovely woman Fair. We talk regularly when we are apart and fortunately we got married in China. My wife and I early in our marriage was stationed in Shanghai until my son was about 11 years old and then we decided to have my son Lawson go to school in Southern California. They love being there now but it is hard being away from them. This fall I will have the opportunity to spend quality time with him and hopefully work on his golf swing if he desires to.



MM: Your son has been there for you and is one of your proudest supporters along with your wife. Does he want to become a professional golfer one day?

DR: Well, I would say not at this present moment because right now he is into music. I can see him wanting to hang out with the Jackson Twinz a lot the next time he comes to China.



David Roy with the Jackson Twinz


MM: What are your biggest dreams that you have yet to accomplish? Also are there any regrets you had in your golf career?

DR: Well (3 second pause) I regret, after coming out of the Military, not pursuing my ambitions to be on the PGA Tour. To be a teacher is nice, but back then when I was 30 years old I really believed I should’ve pursued it. But I must say that I am tremendously happy that I coached the thousands of players that I influenced even to this day.

MM: In training to become a qualified PGA golfer, is there anything that a young player today should know if they want to start a career in golf?

DR: It’s not easy, and I’ll say it again, it’s not easy. Don’t think that you can pick up a club and become a star overnight. It’s a lot of hard work and perseverance. Golf is a passion. Golf is a lifestyle. Golf is stick-to-it-ive-ness.

MM: In your opinion, who do you think is the best golfer of all time?

DR: Jack Nicklaus by far.


David Roy and Jack Nicklaus


MM: What are you doing in your new chapter of life in Shenzhen?

DR: I have started a new job in Real Estate. EB5. I still teach golf. I am doing this so I can have more time to see my family. The company I work for is Hazens Realty. We have 3 projects in Los Angeles and I will be going back in the fall to check up on things. I am excited; we are working on the LAX Sheraton which is our hotel. In San Gabriel, CA on September 1 we will start building on that project. We will be building a Hazen Center right across from the Staples Center, which will change the concept of skylines in Los Angeles. Mr Yuan is the CEO of Hazens and is also very much into golf. I met through golf and he has brought me on board to assist with the USA projects. He is an awesome man.


MM: Can you tell your fans 3 things you love about living in China?

DR: I would say the food, which is just awesome. Secondly, whatever you want to do in China, you can do 24/7. And third, the people are so overly polite to us foreigners. They consider us guests and treat us as such.



MM: Can you tell your fans 2 things that is most unique about China in comparison to travelling and visiting other countries?

DR: The most unique thing in China is that given the fact there is a lot of food, there are people still starving. Of course there are people starving all over the world. Poverty will always be with us. It will never be eliminated. We as fortunate people can reduce the suffering of the hungry by just taking care of our environment and protecting those around us.
Secondly, since arriving in China in 1994 I have seen great changes in the attitudes of the average Chinese. There used to be no joking or humor at all, nowadays everyone can joke and laugh.



  MM: Lastly, what do you want your legacy in China to say about you when you move back home to the United States?

DR: I would like to be known for my heart and desire. I gave it 100% every time I was teaching and that I had the opportunity to touch so many lives in coaching the game of golf. If one person remembers that David helped them in any way then I will be so happy.


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