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Mark & Jalen Poyser: Like Father, Like Son

August 3rd, 2015 | by Martin Keane
Mark & Jalen Poyser: Like Father, Like Son

MATIK Magazine Presents another exclusive interview with Mark & Jalen Poyser


By: Martin Keane


Matik Magazine presents one of Canada’s rising stars in Jalen Poyser from Toronto, Canada. Jalen Poyser is set to embark upon a College scholarship to one of America’s premier Universities; The University of Nevada in Las Vegas. Jalen Poyser is a 4 time Gold medalist in U15, U17 with OBA Championships. He is ranked #2 in Canada in his class, was the MVP of Canada’s prestigious Bio-Steel game, top scorer in the NIKE Challenge along with numerous accolades to his credit. Jalen just got back from Greece with the Canadian National Team Juniors and finished 5th which was an historic achievement in itself. Jalen comes from a good family pedigree from his father and mentor which was right there by his side since he was born. Mark Poyser himself was a pioneer during a period in Canada when there was no NBA basketball team on Canadian soil but was an integral figure in Jalens’ development throughout the years, then and now.

Matik Magazine is proud to have this dubious opportunity to take timeout to recognize a humble Canadian National Team superstar in the making and to get some insight from a father who has been there every step of the way.



MM: Good Afternoon gentlemen

Mark & Jalen: Good Afternoon.

MM: Jalen, can you tell us, how exciting was it to represent Canada in Greece this summer?

Jalen: I was blessed because not a lot of people get to represent their country and play against the likes of Croatia, Turkey with the chance to win a gold medal. We made a little history by finishing 5th in the tournament.

MM: Mark, as a proud father can you describe the feeling of what it felt like to see your son representing Canada in an International circuit like he did in Greece?

Mark: Well, from day one Jalen and I have set goals throughout our journey.  Jalen watched Tyler Ennis and Kevin Zabo on the Provincial Team, U15, U17 winning Gold medals and after achieving this we decided to reach for higher goals such as trying out to play for Canada. I am proud of his accomplishments thus far.

MM: Jalen, I know you made a tough decision in choosing to go to UNLV. Can you tell us why you chose UNLV over other schools that was recruiting you?

Jalen: At the time I was being recruited by Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Hawaii, Michigan and Michigan State with strong interests by VCU, Old Dominion and St. Mary’s. When you are picking a school it isn’t because of the hype, you have to look at the support system in place. I chose UNLV because they had such stars like Kehm Birch, Bennett and it was a major school in the NCAA.

MM: Mark, can you tell us what you looked for in a school that would best be suited for Jalen?

Mark: I took his personal goals into consideration. UNLV had a good education component and they had the courses he wanted.

MM: Jalen, can you tell us your favorite NBA player and why?

Jalen: Ah, it would definitely be LeBron James. I looked at him the same year he was drafted into the league winning The Rookie of The Year and going to the Finals in his second year as impressive. He averaged 20 points his first year, he was able to play all 5 positions, he was a scorer, rebounder and he did many things. I also liked Kobe Bryant because he brought a different mindset to the game. He patterned his game after Michael Jordan who was probably the best player ever. One motivational factor that I admired was when MJ got cut from a team and used it as his motivation the following years after.

MM: Jalen, which player in the NBA is your style is similar too?

Jalen: Well, a lot of people tell me Paul Pierce or a James Harden.

MM: Jalen, can you tell your fans in North America that maybe reading this, What does it take to get to where you are today?

Jalen: I would say know what you want. Have your head on straight with no distractions and to have the right people in your corner.


MM: Mark, You have been coaching for some time now. Can you think about a player that you enjoyed coaching besides your son?

Mark: There are many that I enjoyed but the one player that sticks out was a player by the name of Rashayne Case. Believe it or not Rashayne did what was asked of him and more. This was a kid that soaked up everything, he was a tenacious defender, he ran the floor and his work ethic had a high ceiling. He went to Western University in southern Ontario and I think he will be successful in life.

MM: Jalen, can you tell us some of your immediate goals that you and your family has set for yourself in your journey to College in the United States?

Jalen: Family goal-wise is to obtain my degree. My father told me, basketball is not forever but education is. I am working hard to try and start off on the right foot before the season starts and hopefully play consistent enough to be able to have a shot at Rookie of The Year honors if that presents itself. Most importantly, I want to help my team win a National Championship and win games as much as possible.

MM: Jalen can you tell us 3 main principles as a player that Canada Basketball has taught you during your time with the Canadian National Team?

Jalen: I would have to say CHARACTER, represent your country well patriotically and DISCIPLINE.

MM: Mark, you are actively coaching with the CIA Bounce program, Correct? Would you like to share with us your experiences with the world and your defining moments during your tenure under the brand?”

Mark: I think that the CIA Bounce program is a very important ingredient for basketball in Canada. We travel non-stop from Spring to the Summer and participate in the biggest tournaments such as The Peach Jam, LeBron James tournament and CP3 Tournament etc. Our philosophy is to help push the kids to their goals and place them in the biggest tournaments for exposure. I think this is every important if you are trying to make it.

MM: Mark, are there any prospects that the AAU / OBA should know or be aware of in the up coming year?

Mark: There are quite a few. I believe we have the best crop of talent. Players such as Simisoula Shittu, Danilo D, Joel Brown (PG in HS next year), RJ Barrett, Little Llewellyn PG, Juwan Blair, Keyshaune Saunders to name a few.

MM: Jalen where do you hope to be in 2020 which will be a pivotal year in the Basketball World Internationally which Japan will host the Olympics?

Jalen: I hope to be in the NBA, building a brand and helping the Canadian National Senior Mens Team win a Gold medal in making history.


MM: Jalen, there are some teammates that you still keep in touch with today, would like to tell us who your close friends are on and off the court?

Jalen: I am pretty close with Dillion Brooks. We played together for a long time and we have been knowing each other since we were 9 years old. We played at Father Henry Carr HS together which was special, winning championships back in the day. Jamal Murray and I are pretty close and we met 3 years ago. Ty Stewart-Nelson who went to Henry Carr HS has been there for me. I appreciate all my friends which have been there.

MM: Mark, is there any individual that has served as a mentor that you may want to thank for their support throughout your journey thus far?

Mark: I would like to reach out to thank Leon Archer from the Brampton Warriors, Paul Melinik Head Coach of Henry Carr HS, Tony McIntyre from CIA Bounce, Jason Gairey, Rono Miller which was instrumental throughout the years. It takes a village to help raise a child. To all of my friends that I haven’t mentioned you know who you are, Thank you from the Poyser family.


       Well that about does it for our sit down with the Poyser family and we would like to thank Mark and Jalen for taking the timeout to talk with the Matik Magazine today. A Father/Son duo that serves as a great example to other Father/Son tandems out there in North America and the world. Having great examples like Mark and Jalen gives inspiration to all Canadian communities across our lovely nation. Matik Magazine wants to personally follow up in the near future on your progress and leave no children behind. Family is very much important to the Matik Magazine and we are always looking to illuminate successful people during their path to success with love.

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