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Live, Love and Laugh.

Live, Love and Laugh.

October 24th, 2015


Who are we if the thoughts we think are someone else’s? “Seven Degrees of Separation” should also apply in thought as well. We basically are told to have the same dreams to achieve, right? At the end of the day you choose as to the particular car you want, the style of house you like or the way you want something done. Weather your dreams are obscure or brilliant, at the end of the day it’s  your dream that no one can deny you. You have to have paper though, but not necessarily money but that diploma or degree that will give you a better chance in life. Does this make the person with a degree better than the one without a degree? Certainly not, take a look at some of the world’s top business people in their field or take a look at your affluent colleague next time you guys go for lunch. Some people say that when you are rich and have money, you are brought up with a “silver spoon” in your mouth.


So is it fair at the end of the day that people who have that “silver spoon” in their mouth  from birth,  get all the breaks as opposed to the roll up sleeves hard working guy who don’t get the breaks? I guess that’s life in a capitalistic environment where the strong will survive. You are either in or in the way. People who constantly watch the clock and can’t wait till work is finished, or the family who spends all their money at Christmas to only be broke in January, or that loyal workmate who has worked steadily trying to get a raise in income and having to be stressed out throughout the year to make ends meet. These are just prime examples of people who never got that paper from University or College and have to work extra hard just to stay on the job or brag to the people who have done it before.

Nowadays there are couples that are going through situations that are going to divorce and call their marriage quits because the financial stress has taken its toll of their situation. Who really suffers? The man, wrong, it’s the children if the couple has kids. The children do indeed and then the dominoes affect starts to trickle down in other areas of your life. The old saying “The sins of the father carries on to the son” or “The riches of your labour will benefit your offspring”. After couples take their marriage vows and make those sacred vows “In sickness and in health till death do us part” is becoming a joke because the divorce rate in North America in particular is 65%. The breakdown of the family seems to be a common theme in 2015 which is really sad because at the end of the day when a family unit is without either of the parents, there are serious consequences that go unseen that will affect key areas in a person’s life. A prime example,  a mother working two jobs and comes home to her “latch key” children and starts yelling for no reason because her boss was yelling at her all day, the kids take it out on their pet dog, the pet dog goes out of his way and bites up someone and that someone sues the owner of that dog.  The mother ends up paying for that chain of events and she wouldn’t  even realize it. Then that vicious cycle occurs when she scolds the child for not having the dog on the leash in the first place.  Rolling stones.




Karma has a strange way of teaching lessons to those modern day charlatans that lose focus on who they really are and their purpose for even living here on earth. Do your best and if your best is not good enough, then tough! There are 8 billion of us on this planet faking it and 2/3 of you won’t make it into being a billionaire nevertheless a millionaire. One thing is for sure you, you can be a millionaire if you apply yourself properly, only if you live in the frequency of love. Love your neighbor,  love your family, love yourself but you got to know yourself. To know thy self first is paramount before you even start to think about what you really want or think of where you want to be in future. Really though! Don’t forget to laugh at the end of the day and at least enjoy the journey getting to your goals.

Written by: MLK



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