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KINGBALL Basketball Program Founder Luo Ming You

March 24th, 2016 | by Martin Keane
KINGBALL Basketball Program Founder Luo Ming You

Matik Media Enterprises Magazine interview with President Luo Ming You KINGBALL Basketball



The Guangxi Province in China is a autonomous region in South China filled with a lot of deep rooted culture and mystic. In the Guangxi region there is strong influences of Buddhism and Taoism which historically played a significant role in shaping the Chinese culture. During the Song Dynasty was an era of Chinese history that began in 960 and continued until 1279. There was a man named Shi Xie who was a strong promoter of Buddhism during his life and after his death with various legends that worshipped his legacy. He left such a big legacy in fact that he is honored in some Buddhism temples even to this day.
Buddhism in China’s oldest foreign religion, it merged with native Daoism and folk religion. Modern Chinese Buddhism taught by Buddha involved reaching Enlightenment through meditation. When early scriptures were translated into Chines, Taoist terminology based on native religion was often used. People interpreted the scriptures in their own ways. Though individual beliefs of Chinese Christians and Muslims are colored by Taoist concepts in contrast to Buddhism, was not generally popular Sinofied version of the 2 religions developed. Buddhism has had a long history in China, and native Buddhist religions developed that are accepted by Chinese Buddhists.
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Then came a man who was the former President of King Kong Basketball Academy named Luo Ming You who build a very reputable program in the Guangxi Province. He had developed players from all ages and taught them about life, and being a good person of the basketball court as well as on the basketball court. In his 7 year as President of King Kong Basketball Academy Mr. Luo Ming You decided it was time to move on to bigger and better things by starting a new basketball program in Shanghai, China. Mr. Luo Ming You started a basketball academy called King Ball Basketball Academy with Vice President Martin Keane who was a former professional basketball player and philanthropist who has made a reputable name for himself in Beijing by developing 2 powerhouse basketball programs to his credit.???????????????-???????????????????????????????????????????????,??????????????????????????????7????????????????????????????????????????.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????-?????????


Matik Media Enterprises Magazine is proud to have a conversation with Matik Media Enterprises newest family member the President of King Ball Basketball program Mr. Luo Ming You.Matik??????????????? Matik???????????????????????????

MM: Hello Mr. Luo Ming You, how are you Sir???????????

LMY: I’m fine and doingwell. Please call me Max.?????????Max???.

MM:Max it has been a long time you since have last worked with Coach Martin Keane back in 2013 with NBA Coach Rodney Heard in Liuzhou at your former company King Kong Basketball company. Can you share with us the reason for leaving such a reputable program to build another program here in Shanghai, China’s?

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MM: Coach Martin Keane told us about his wonderful experience he had when he was in Luizhui with you at King Kng Basketball Academy and expressed your admiration in developing basketball players. He also said that you are quite the family man. Are you married and do you have any children?


MM: Max all of the people in the Shanghai basketball community is anticipating your presence this season and are looking forward to seeing the growth of your players in the years to come. Can you tell us why you chose the name KINGBALL Basketball Academy and why did you choose to the municipal of Shanghais?


MM: Max we have been told by the people in Guangxi and here in Shanghai that you are a loyal person and a devout family man. Having a solid reputation with great credibility in the industry is a bonus. You have had equally trustworthy colleagues working along side you through your successful, can you give the names of your KINGBALL basketball staff?

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MM: Can you tell our Matik Media world 3 main qualities that separates you from other basketball academies that makes you unique?

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MM: Behind every success individual out there in the universe there are parents that must of instilled in you the great values that you possess. Can you tell me the name of your parents that gave you the blessings?


MM: Can you tell us KINGBALL Basketball Academy long and short terms goals?

MM: Max, your newly appointed Vice President Martin Keane has said many times throughout his social media how honored he is to be working with KINGBALL Basketball Academy. We at Matik Media Enterprises Magazine are curious to know why did you choose Martin Keane as your Vice President and what are the qualities that separates him from the rest of the candidates you have interviewed for the position as your VP?


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MM: Many that know you say that you are a very religious person and have a heart as big as the universe. Can you share with us what Buddhism means to you and how much as an influence has it been on your career?


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MM: Max can you tell us where you see KINGBALL Basketball Academy in 10 years.Max, ?????????10??KINGBALL??????????????
MM: We have unfortunately have come to the end of our interview and we enjoyed listening to your perspectives on your basketball outlook. Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans back in Guangxi and your new found friends in Shanghai?



This has been an incredible sit down with Mr. Luo Ming You from KINGBALL Basketball Academy in Shanghai. Mr. Luo Ming You is a perfect example of hard work and exemplifying credibility amongst his peers. KINGBALL’s newly appointed Vice President Martin Keane is evidence to what Matik Media Enterprise Magazine has been talking about in terms of marketing and working tirelessly in pursuit of your dreams. Every second a star is born and everyday legends are made worldwide, but no one can do it alone because aligning yourself with the right people will make all the difference looking at the bigger picture. They say that seven degrees of separations is where there is success person within your vicinity. Reaching your goal in one thing but sustaining your level of excellence is another dynamic to the kaleidoscope of things that one has to remember during his/her path. In life we all walk different paths leading to the Master, so having faith in what you do and believing in what you do are the main ingredients to success. Matik Media Enterprise Magazine once again is proud of each and every client that we ever interviewed and just over the horizon we will all reach our salvation to where we focus our mind in getting to our endeavors.


Written by: Martin Keane

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