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Heart and Glory: The Kevin Graves Story

September 1st, 2015 | by Martin Keane
Heart and Glory: The Kevin Graves Story

Matik Magazine Interview with Kevin “KG” Graves

In the Sports & Entertainment industry there are few businessmen that have 2 letters to their name, let alone 1 syllable as the name tag to their brand. From Dallas, Texas to Beijing, China and all points between, there is a man that is well known in the Sports & Entertainment industry in China that is known as “the go to guy”. His name is Kevin Graves better known as KG. KG has been amongst countless basketball players that come to China to expand and further their dreams in playing professional basketball. In Mainland China basketball has been a huge part of the Chinese sports society and boasts to have the second best league in the world besides the NBA. The reason being for this honorable distinction is because in China, the companies that have invested in professional basketball teams actually live up to paying their foreigners handsomely.


There has been a sharp rise in people playing basketball all over China and we can evidently say that China has the biggest numbers of viewers in a given country in the world that watch the NBA on a regular basis. These statistics are not shocking given the fact that China has over 1.5 billion people and is relatively a chief supporter in buying NBA apparel worldwide. It has been almost 4 years since that last nucleus of basketball players were recruited by Chinese Basketball Academies to come and help teach basketball fundamentals to the youths in need.



There has been a 6’6 small forward that has taken advantage of his opportunity to display his skills in the Mainland as a player and as a Coach. The man’s name is KG, who quickly made a name for himself instantaneously after getting off the plane and started to play against the best players in Beijing. In KGs first 8 weeks in China, he developed a reputation as a fierce competitor who bounced the ball off of a wall and caught it in mid air putting it through his legs for a thunderous dunk. The crowd was literally in awe because you rarely get a chance to see spectacular dunks like this outside of the NBA and see it for free. This was exciting to all of the locals and for his boss that recruited him here, it was as if he hit the jackpot. KG was no different than the countless basketball titans that come to China in hopes of making it big. So the one thing this Marketing major did was market himself to practically millions of people that never heard of him but was sure going to be quickly salivating at the opportunity for him to showcase himself more and represent his company to the max.


KG started his new chapter in a foreign land that would eventually embrace him and respect him for what this man represented as a person. In any country that has a population of over a billion people there are going to be insurmountable challenges, tough competition, and staying mentally tough in not being mentally drained from over working. Finding a true friend, or speaking to a real person is actually refreshing once you adapt to the customs of Mainland China. When you have a skill with these characteristics and can properly market yourself with the right people, you will definitely be successful both financially and socially.


Some Chinese locals that gained KG’s trust would soon be witnesses to a foreigner that was unlike no other. KG developed that reputation of keeping his head up to the ground and barely getting any sleep with his eyes open 24/7 in keeping sharp and ready for whatever. “Believe none of what you hear, and half of what you see” says KG, and lives by this blueprint as he embarked upon his new chapter almost four years ago. Every time KG blesses his eyes in the mornings using this to his advantage as his lantern, KG never forgets where he came from and thanks God wholeheartedly for everything he has.


MM: Hey KG what’s happening partner? Been a long time.

KG: I’m doing good bro. I’m in America here chilling and took some time out to visit my Grandmother for her 90th surprise birthday.

MM: Wow man that’s blessed. Is she doing well?

?KG: Yeah man, that’s the person that raised me, man. I love her to the max as always.



MM: So, tell your fans how you’re feeling and what have you been up to since we last kicked it?

KG: Since the last time I’ve been on the grind, playing and teaching basketball classes. My knee is about 80% back from what it was but it was a major improvement from 50% since last year.

MM: Can you tell us about some of your Championships that you have won over the last couple of years?

KG: Well, I have been travelling all over China balling, travelling. There have been exhausting plane rides and buses. In 2012 I went to the Finals at the Red Bull Championship Tournament and lost in the last few seconds. In 2013, I finally won the Red Bull Championship Tournament, which was redemption but I wasn’t satisfied. Last year February I won a memorable Championship in Hang Sui with Chris Reaves, which we got diamond rings. But I have won a few more but these were the memorable wins that I will cherish.

MM: How old are you now bro? Also, how tall are you actually?

KG: I am 6’6. People call me Mr. 6’6. I’m doing special workouts now and watching my diet. I had to get a personal trainer to get me loose and keep me up on my routines. He keeps me going.

MM: Man, I consider you one of the realest cats that I know worldwide today and I do mean worldwide. Can you tell us 3 principles that you live by dealing with the amount of people that you correspond with everyday?

KG: I live by the realness. I examine myself daily and I am hard on myself sometimes. Faithfulness. If I’m down with you, I’m down with you 100%. Heart. I don’t believe in giving up. Like AI [Allen Iverson] at his size and height he probably works the hardest I have ever seen.



MM: I know you have helped countless people adjust themselves in China once they come over from America and you displayed great passion for teaching the game of basketball. Can you tell us if you are still teaching basketball in China and when are you going back to your elegance of followers who are your students?

KG: In a few weeks I’ll be back in China. I just had to refuel and get some spiritual guidance from family to give me some time to where it all started. I never forget where I come from and it was nice to surprise my Grandmother on her 90th Birthday!

MM: I know that your Grandmother has been an integral part of your life in growing up. How is she doing man?

KG: You know she had her 90th Birthday and she looks good. She was really surprise to see over 200 people there to celebrate her birthday. She couldn’t believe it. She is a born again Christian and praises God everyday for being on this earth.

MM: I know since you been back to Dallas you had expressed that you were going to expand your repertoire in producing some local talent down there in Dallas in rap music. Can you tell your fans who are some of the brightest up coming talents that they should be aware of coming out?

KG: Well before all of that I just want to say that when I get back to China, I’m going to be working on my Masters Personal Training Certificate and want to match my Business B.A and Sports Management B.A.




MM: I know that you have been doing some songs with The Jackson Twinz in China, your cousin LeCrae on his Gospel Album and many others. When is your album coming out and what should we expect?

KG: Actually, I just freelance and collaborate with everybody. I like to rap free style and when I’m feeling it I just let it flow. I have my boy Ty Jones who used to be a gangsta rapper and now is rapping Gospel and has been building his Ministry.



MM: Who is your favorite artist out there, presently or in the past?

KG: Well you already know 2Pac, but I also like UGK, Scarface, 8 Ball, Outkast and The Hot Boyz to name a few.



MM: What are your 3 things that are most peculiar to you in adapting to the system in China?

KG: Be your own person and don’t sell out. Stay real to yourself. When you get your break, you got to be ready to perform. If you don’t, you won’t get another opportunity. You got to stay prepared and when your opportunity is given, do your thing.

MM: Who does your game resemble now that you are a little older and are now considered a veteran?

KG: I would compare myself to a player like Scottie Pippen who was very much a versatile player that did a little of everything.




MM: I know that you got the young ladies weak and they are mesmerized by your ability to communicate the real to them. Are you married?

KG: No I’m happy being single right now. I’m married to my money and myself.

MM: Do you have any kids?

KG:  A daughter. She is 13 years old and her name is Shaniya Nicole Graves.



MM: Are you looking to have more kids to add to your legacy?

KG: I would love to have 2 more kids. I can’t have any more unless I’m married.

MM: I know you have been talking to a few NBA General Managers and you have built a solid reputation on analysis in NBA ballers. Who do you consider to be the 5 best players today in the NBA?

KG: Well the NBA stands for Nothing But Athletes. You don’t have many true scorers like they did in the past.  But I would have to say: LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan.

MM: When you retire from playing basketball what will be your number one bread and butter for the long haul? Producing Music and collaborating, or being a Certified NBA Agent?

KG: Well when I stop I want to work in helping players to get better and bring out the best in them. Working in the Fitness and Nutrition industry.



MM: Is there anyone out there in your travels that you would like to give some thank you to?

KG: My Grandmother who raised me since I was a baby. My high school coach that taught me a lot of things. I greatly appreciate him. His name is Steve Scott and thanks to God for getting me this far.

MM: Who is your favorite NBA baller of all time?

KG: Michael Jordan


KG and Wang Zhi Zhi


MM: Who is your favorite NFL team of all time?

KG: Well, I would have to say 1994 San Francisco 49’ers


MM: Are you a spiritual person?

KG: Yes I’m a born again Christian.


MM: Do you have any regrets not going to the NBA?

KG: My only regret is my attitude.  I always wanted to show what I could really do but that’s not what God had in store for me. So I’m just thankful that I’m alive.



MM: Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

KG: I think I still will be playing in China hopefully but I will definitely be in the Sports & Entertainment industry.

MM: Congratulations on your new sponsorship. Can you tell us who you have recently aligned yourself too?

KG: I am proud to be associated with LiNing, which have treated me very well. LiNing is considered the NIKE in China amongst Chinese brands.

MM: Rumors have been slowly building that you have your new clothing line in Beijing. Can you tell us how true it is?

KG: Well I plead the 5th. Lets just say that anything is possible. We just have to wait and see.




MM: Well this brings our talk to a close. But I must ask you. How happy are you in your life?

KG: Very happy and thanks to God.

Well unfortunately we have come to a close and we are very happy to have caught up with you in America. Matik Magazine would love to follow up with you in 6 months and hopefully we will see you at the NBA 2016 All Star Game in Toronto, Canada. You are a direct example of what the Matik Magazine stands for and your profile exuberates the type of people we enjoy profiling. It’s hard to get the truth nowadays; nevertheless, some people can’t handle the truth let alone look you in your eyes when talking to you. You are a man of your word Mr. KG and everybody at the Matik Magazine appreciates this 100%. We often give gratitude to the people that support our magazine and we want our fans to know that we are grateful all the time. For without the people nothing can happen for anybody in this universe and by universal law we say thank you to the entire Matik Magazine family.

To stay in touch and follow KG, you can follow him on his social networks.

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