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Fashion Forward

August 18th, 2015 | by Martin Keane
Fashion Forward


Student, Model and Aspiring Actress

Madison Meleeya Keane


By: Martin Keane

Matik Magazine is proud to be with you all again and gives unsurmountable gratitude to the people that support our magazine. Our vision is to help, seek and support individuals that are on the road to success or have been successful in their community worldwide. In order to achieve greatness in whatever you do in life, there is one component that is paramount and that is to have “Discipline” in what you are doing to be successful. In every genre and within every continent worldwide there is a common denominator for achieving your goals which is simply, “Hardwork”. In doing interviews with people in the NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAA, Tennis or even the PGA, there seems to be one dream shared by all athletes and that is you got to “Believe”. If you believe in what you are doing and apply yourself with time management, you will be successful.

It can be in sports, science, modelling or anyone of the arts, the time you put into what you are doing is a key aspect along one’s journey. Time is one of society’s biggest resource that we don’t seem to have enough of but if you utilize it to your plan you will be that much closer to your goals. We at the Matik Magazine are always wanting to support people all around the world during their road to success and what makes every story unique is the fact that everyone on this planet has their own destiny. Matik Magazine wants to take the timeout and talk with an interesting personality, a rising star athlete and model by the name of Madison Meleeya Keane from Toronto, Canada.


MM: Hello Madison, how are you today?

MMK: I’m great how are you?

MM: It’s a pleasure to sit with you today and thank you for taking timeout to sit and talk with us today.

MMK: Yes thank you and I also thank you.

MM: Can you share with us, how has your modelling career been going since the last time we spoke to you a few months ago?

MMK: Yes. I feel like there are ups and downs in the industry. Negative and positive naturally but I try and stay focused. Modelling right now is a rocky road with school and having to hold down my job working at Adidas, in a highly competitive industry and so many beautiful people sharing the same dreams. It’s about a special mindset. You got to stay positive, this is something that I want to do and I am blessed to get the opportunities.

MM: I bet you get asked this question a lot but how tall are you?

MMK: I am actually 6’1 feet tall.

MM: Did you know that you always wanted to get into the field of modelling?

MMK: Actually, I never wanted to have a career in Modelling but it was an interest that manifested into a great career stepping stone for sure.


MM: A vast majority of your family and friends worldwide has been supporting you since you were a baby, Can you tell us the places that you have family?

MMK: Yes, I am blessed to have family in Canada of course, United States, Spain, Argentina, Amsterdam, Germany, Cayman Islands, Jamaica naturally and many places I haven’t visited yet. I would say 10-15 countries but thank God for the internet.

MM: How many brothers and sisters do you have and what are their ages?

MMK: I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Malachi 8, Maleah 7, Immanual 6, and Anaya who just turned 4 in March. I love them very much.

MM: Success isn’t something new to your family. Your Grandfather on your Father’s side was a legendary Track & Field athlete from Jamaica, your Grandfather on your Mother’s side was a famous Contractor who lived in the Manitoulin Islands, your Mother is an Executive at Adidas, your Father was a Pro Athlete who also played on the Canadian National team for over 13 years. How does this impact a young girl like yourself that’s just about getting into adulthood in your journey?

MMK: Well, this generation is a lot different than my parent’s generation. My parents impacted me because I had to set high goals for myself since I was young and my parents always stressed education. I want to make sure that all my goals are in line and I am willing to work hard to be successful as my family has been.



MM: Can you tell us about your aspirations in wanting to become a basketball player like your father and what changes did you make along the way to make you want to pursue a career in modelling?

MMK: I feel my aspirations were limited in wanting to become a basketball player and to represent Canada like my father did for many years. I felt that If I had the passion to play basketball I could’ve went onto Division 1 and possibly into the WNBA but it didn’t work out that way.

MM: Was your Mother a strong influence on you?

MMK: Yes absolutely my Mother taught me to be approachable and happy. She always pushed me to be the person I am today and I thank her for that.

MM: Can you tell us when you were younger the people that you looked up too and who influenced you in your life?

MMK: The person that influenced me the most was my Grandmother Pat. She taught me all the strong Jamaican disciplines when I use to stay with her on weekends growing up which was memorable. I use to go with her to church on the weekends which instilled solid values that I have today.


MM: Being that you have met a lot of people from different countries through your parent and your extended family, how many countries have you been too thus far as a young teen?

MMK: I have been to a lot of countries in travelling with my father when he was playing and basically lived in airplanes in travelling with him or visiting him, which drained me to say the least. Sort of like child growing up in a Military family and having to move ever so often.

MM: Which is your favorite country that you have been too with your Mom or Dad that really made an impression of you?

MMK: Jamaica 100% I love everything about Jamaica, the culture, and the history. Everybody I know wants to be Jamaican, and I love Jamaica a lot.


MM: Would you say that your experiences in travelling the world has given you more confidence as a person?

MMK: I actually do. I feel that everybody should travel and see beyond what they are accustomed too. Some people travel and some people are not exposed. Exposure to other things is huge.

MM: What are 3 principles in life your parents taught you?

MMK: I would say Respect, Don’t lie as one of Bob Marley songs say, “Don’t Tell No Lie”, and don’t worry be happy to have a forever lasting life.

MM: How has your Grandmothers influenced you throughout your journey up to this point?

MMK: Both Grandmothers were instrumental in raising me. My Grandma Betty taught me values and watched over me and Grandma Pat was there when I needed her. She taught me in order to be respected, you have to have respect.

MM: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

MMK: I will have a few goals in life set and hopefully I will continue to have accomplished them or achieved them. I see myself in life somewhere beyond the norm and I want to do it on my own terms and work hard not looking for any handouts. My father’s famous questions to people he knows who get handed things and asks them all them directly all the time is, “How does a turtle get on top of a chicken post?” Do you know? They get put there! But he is always counselling children around the world and always tells them to be a turtle like spirit. Loveable and soft on the inside, have a tough shell on the outside and always take what life gives you God speed. No rush, no worries mate. Don’t expect much and always be pleasantly surprised.

MM: Besides sports and modelling is there something that you want to do that will defines you as a person in life?

MMK: I feel like I want to get married and have children one day. I want to be independent and achieve the things I dream about through my hard work, without taking what people give you.


MM: Which models internationally do you look up to and respect?

MMK: I look up to the models in the UK Wihlemhmina. Some agencies are Editorial Modelling. My favorite model is Cara Delevigene who is Italian. She is awesome and her work is inspirational to me.

MM: Is there a modelling company that you belong too now?

MMK: Yes, I fortunately belong to 3 different Modelling Agencies. Sutherland, Max Agency/Acting, and Elmer Olsen which is out of Detroit.

MM: Can you tell us what modelling agency would you like to work for in future, and why?

MMK: Definitely Ford Modelling Agency out of New York because they deal with Vogue and they are strictly about the Modelling.


MM: Well that about wraps up our time with you today Madison and we at the Matik Magazine are forever grateful that you sat down with us today. In the future, we would love to sit down with you again and we will keep track of your career. We want you to know that all the people at the Matik Magazine are your biggest fans and if there is anything that we can do to help in your endeavors, please don’t hesitate to keep us updated throughout your journey.

MMK: Thank you very much. Take care.

So once again this has been a brilliant week in trying to keep up with our clients and responding to the increasing number of requests of people wanting to have a sit down with the Matik Magazine. We sincerely love all our loyal supporters of the Matik Magazine. We will not forget our fans and we will not forget your requests on all subjects pertaining to success. Wherever there is a success story please visit our site at: and tell us. Without the people where would the Matik Magazine be? Matik is about synergy and to be successful you have to follow the light automatically. Remember M is for Music which covers all genres, A is for the Arts that naturally include Sports, T is for Technology with a microscope, I is for Information that are all based on facts, and K is for the Knowledge that the illuminated ones already know. The premise for our vision is to utilize our talents to enhance people’s skills in your genre and to improve your motor along the way throughout your endeavors. We can reach our goals if we truly learn the meaning of the word synergy. It will make your business networking so much easier. Like the great Larry Bird said, “The key is to surround yourself with good people around you all the time” and don’t hate but appreciate. Keep the faith, Matik all day, everyday. See you next time.

Thanking our fans worldwide with humbleness.

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