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Chef Jay Catering

March 5th, 2013 | by Narrantes Thomas
Chef Jay Catering

Everyone needs food to live. Some people eat food for survival and for others, its a passion. Chef Jay acted on his passion and turned it into a business. His talent to make a variety of dishes is something that he worked for. His story plays a huge role to him finding his passion as a chef.


Q: How long have you been in culinary arts?

A: I have been in culinary arts for 10 years, working at some of Toronto’s finest dining establishments. At the various establishments I have been employed at I have learned a variety of different types of cuisine, making me able to satisfy everyone’s palate.
Q: what are your signature dishes?
A: I am able to make a variety of different foods that you find in a fine dining establishment, with my own personal spin on ALL the dishes I prepare. I am very versatile and able to make any ethnicity food you require. My signature dishes according to my clients are: steak with twice baked potato, grilled chicken penne, lobster roll with fresh hand cut french fries, jerk barbecue chicken with dirty rice to name a few.
Q: Where are you trying to take your food catering brand? And is there any specific niche you are trying to fill?
A: I would like to be the “go to” guy when it comes to any event you may need catered. I would like for my impeccable attention to flavour, detail, preparation, customer service, clean up ¬†and payment to be an amazing experience to my clients. From the first meeting, to the taste testing, to the event and everything in between…you the client, are my priority. I make my clients happy, and let my food speak for itself.



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