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Canada’s Best Combo Point Guard Kaleel Faiz

July 15th, 2016 | by Martin Keane
Canada’s Best Combo Point Guard Kaleel Faiz

Interview with Matik Media Enterprises Magazine

Canada’s Most Underrated Basketball Prospect

Toronto Point Guard Kaleel Faiz


      In life you have people who are gifted and have many different skills in life itself who are humble and persistent throughout their path. Stars are born and not created by money or through branding by a shoe companies in the industry of basketball, but every little helps in a young man’s dream of making it to the National Basketball Association. Most statistician will tell you that its better in dreaming of becoming a doctor or a lawyer because there are two chances of making it to the NBA without support, slim and none, and slim is out of town.

The Nobel Peace Prize is considered Norwegian, Danish or even Swedish and is one of the five Nobel Prizes created by the Swedish industrialist. An inventor, and armaments manufacturer named Alfred Nobel, created the Nobel Peace Prize and has been the ultimate goal of many humanitarians worldwide. Since 1901, it has been awarded annually with some exceptions to those who have “done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace.

Sometimes called Alfred Nobel’s will, the recipient is selected by the Norwegian Nobel Committee, a five-member committee appointed by the Parliament of Norway. Since 1990, the prize is awarded on 10 December in Oslo City Hall each year. The prize was formerlyawarded in the Atrium of the University of Oslo Faculty of Law from 1947 to 1949, before that it was the Norwegian Nobel Institute from 1905 to 1946), and the beginning it was  Parliament from 1901 to 1904.

According to Nobel’s will, the Peace Prize is always awarded to the person who in the preceding year “have done the most or the best work in promoting peace between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses. Nobel died in 1896 and he did not leave an explanation for choosing peace as a prize category. As he was a trained chemical engineer, the categories for chemistry and physics were obvious choices. The reasoning behind the peace prize is less clear. According to the Norwegian Nobel Committee, his friendship with Bertha von Suttner, a peace activist and later recipient of the prize, profoundly influenced his decision to include peace as a category. Some Nobel scholars suggest it was Nobel’s way to compensate for developing destructive forces.

At this present time the Nobel Peace Prize is evidently back in the spotlight due to the merciless war with nations all over the world because of religion, in Americas society escalating violence against police officials and senseless shooting of innocent civilians due to not respecting the Law or Civilian Rights. During this time of turmoil worldwide and the odds against anyone making it to the NBA, I would moderately say that competition is sometimes the root of certain evils in the industry of sports where the strongest literally survives.

In Canada, the NBA has recognized emerging talents that have given the talent pool a strong reputation throughout the basketball communities throughout Canada. Particularly in Toronto, the fourth largest city in North America and is home to at least 6 rising NBA stars that are steadily climbing the later.

Matik Media Enterprises Magazine is proud to highlight the best available NBA prospect that is known by his Toronto peers as B-Gee aka Kaleel Faiz. Kaleel Faiz has come a long way since high school and is still in search for his peace of mind in his quest in getting to the NBA. Kaleel Faiz already knew the odds of making it to the NBA was really high but with a solid character viewed by many as a peoples person and his hard work ethics that allows him to at least prepare himself for when his names is called. It’s very rare that Kaleel Faiz speaks openly and candid in his interview but Matik Media Enterprises Magazine is honored to highlight the next superstar guard coming out of Canada.



MM: Hello Kaleel, how are you doing? It’s been a long time trying to catch up with you and we are honored to have a sit down interview with you.


KF: I am feeling good but Sir I would like to personally thank you for spotlighting me in your in magazine Matik Media Enterprises.

MM: Kaleel, can you tell us what you have been doing in the basketball world and get our fans up to speed in your quest in making it to the big leagues such as the NBA?

KF: Well, I have been working really hard on a strict schedule with my personal trainers and coaches who had my back since I was in high school. I have travelled throughout North America playing against and with the most talented players in my class globally.



MM: It’s been a long time since you played against basketball talent that is equal to your skill. Can you tell us some of the players that you have played against in the last couple of years?, and Can you tell us the Top 5 players you played against during your quest to the NBA?


KF: I have had the luxury to play against Chris Dunn from Providence College who went as a lottery pick in this years NBA Draft, TC a point guard from Tennessee who stands at 6’7. He is supposed to becoming a pro this summer in Europe. Ex-NBA baller Jarvis Creightendon who was  considered “the real deal” as a player admired my defense when I played against him, and Cameron Johnson from Chicago who is a 6’1 and tremendously gifted point guard who works very hard in everything he does on the court.

MM: Who have been your greatest support besides your parents in coming up as a youth? Which player or players in the NBA do you study or try and learn from the most?


KF: It is my friend Amir Aly who has been my best friend throughout my childhood. The player a lot of people compare my game to believe it or not, is Russell Westbrook. They say they see the same determination in me but some would easily say Dwayne Wade or Kobe Bryant in terms of my mental focus when I am on the court.

MM: Briefly in your opinion, How would you best describe your game if an NBA scout were to come and see you play that may not be familiar with your name yet?

KF: I am a lock down guard that will press you hard defensively the entire game, my drive to the basket is unstoppable with a speed of lightening going at the rim with strength when I finish.

MM: Aside from working out 3 hours a day on the court, running 6 miles a day in your road work and putting up 500 shots a day before you actually play, what are your other interests besides basketball?

KF: I like many different things such as Culinary works preparing good cook meals. I also love fashion and seeing what’s new. I love entertainment and do different things that are fun and new.

MM: Can you tell us the last school you were enrolled at and where will you be playing next year?


KF: I enrolled at an NAIA school reluctantly because I know my skills are suited for a high major D1 school but I had to do what I had to do in getting my grades in order. Now that I have accumulated the credits I needed in enrolling in at a D1 School I am anxious to show the world what they missed. I have a few high major offers but my short list is tight in being loyal to coaches that were there with me  from the start. Lately, I have been getting offers to play overseas but I would like to exhaust my opportunities in getting my degree first if possible.

MM: Tell me, have you ever been invited to play for the Canadian National Team? How do you feel about the Canadian National Team not going to the Rio Olympics?

KF: I was invited to play for Team Ontario which is a Provincial team in Canada but the Senior Team never consistently reached out to me that much but that has been what the Canadian team has been  doing.  They mostly reach out to the people who they are familiar within the AAU circuit who are Canadians. I played and spent a lot of time in the US training hard because my game is more adaptive to the American style of play.


MM: The Canadian National Team has a lot of competition at your position. If you are given the opportunity to play for your Canadian National Team, what are some of your attributes can you bring to your National Team that no other guard possesses that makes you a special player?

KF: I would have to say my intensity and my ability to get to the hole and finishing. Whatever the team needs me to do. I usually communicate with whomever is coaching me and stay within the structure of the team. I love to distribute but once the ball is tossed up in the air and its game time, all I want to do is just win.

MM: Kaleel, unfounfortunately have come to the end of our interview. Is there something that you would like to say or talk about that we haven’t covered in our interview?

KF: Well, just beyond words thank you for giving me a chance to be seen on an International level. There is too much politics in AAU basketball in North America which limits people in more ways than one in getting where they’re supposed to be. Everyone needs to respect the game and love the game more because basketball is a small window in your life in terms of playing at the highest level and I just want to have my chance to win another Championship on the highest stage. Thank you again.


MM:   Well that about does it with our interview with Canada’s next superstar guard Kaleel Faiz. It’s very rare that we do interviews with basketball players that are not in the National Basketball Association but in being prudently active and scouting elite talent worldwide, Matik Media Enterprises Magazine always wants to deliver before these NBA prospects reach stardom. Matik Media Enterprises Magazine has been in Asia for the last 8 months collaborating with basketball stars in the Chinese Basketball Association, the Japan Super League, the Korean Super League and many cities throughout China in hopes of highlighting the future NBA prospects that will be a force to look out for no doubt.


Since Matik Media Enterprises Magazine Asia tour most recently, which started from November 2015 to June 2016, Matik Media Enterprises Magazine has jumped from 2.5 million impressions to 4 million impressions and is currently being viewed in over 110 different countries. This success has be attributed to China’s vast population of enthused basketball lovers who have embraced the steady growth of basketball in China and globally. We have always told our fans that wherever the next superstar is living we will find him/her no doubt. Promoting great attitude in whatever you do in sports, science, technology or business, it’s the people that make us who we are and a constant reminder that we work for the people who have been 100% loyal to Matik Media Enterprises Magazine since the beginning. We want to thank you again and we apologize for the lengthy break that had occurred. Stay brilliant and we will see you next time by staying positive. The next Matik Media Enterprise issue will include and exclusive interview with Chris “Smiley” who survived a vicious attack on his life after being robbed  and beat the odds by staying alive to tell his story. Amazing stories from athletes who have exceeded expectation is Matik Media Enterprise enjoys highlighting giving encouragement to young superstars in the making. Enjoy the day and we will see you next time.



Written by: The Spider


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