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Brothers in Music: The Jackson Twinz

August 28th, 2015 | by Martin Keane
Brothers in Music: The Jackson Twinz

Matik Magazine


Exclusive Interview with The Jackson Twinz

        Once again we are here live and direct in China. A land filled with tradition, history, opportunity and growth. Matik Magazine is proud to present The Jackson Twinz. It has been a long time gentlemen since we last had a chance to see each other and everybody at the Matik Magazine is proud and honored to have the opportunity to reunite to have a candid interview with you today. The Sports and Entertainment industry is a vast industry that has gained a lot of momentum in the last three decades since the emergence of what Michael Jordan did with NIKE and what Michael Jackson did with Epic Records. Sports and Entertainment works hand in hand together even before the time of Muhammad Ali during the 60’s and legendary Singer/Producer Sam Cooke before his passing. As we approach 2020 and see the expansion of the NBA worldwide to such places like India and Haiti, it is inevitable that we are going to see a dramatic incline of Entertainers and Athlete working together more and more. We have seen this evidently at the Super Bowl, the NBA All-Star games Half Time Show and even for the singing of the National Anthem before NHL Hockey games.

We have witnessed the rise of China in the last decade that has opened its iron curtains slowly by allowing foreigners to come and visit to do more business in Mainland, China. One of the most memorable moments was when The Jackson Twinz opened up for stars such as Leona Lewis at the Birds Nest Stadium. Over 60,000 people filled the stadium to capacity while dozens of BMW’s were burning rubber for 2 hours just like it was an Indy 500. This must be an amazing experience for you guys to be living a dream by producing hit records and spreading love to your loyal fans. The Matik Magazine is honored to have a chance to visit you today, giving your fans a chance to read to about what you are currently up to with your ominous schedule that you have planned for the remaining part of 2015.

MM: How are you guys doing today?

Preach & Danger: We are doing good, happy to see you brother, been a long time.

MM: Going way back to the beginning, how did you guys gets started into Showbiz?

Preacher: We came up in the church. We grew up in the church and we started writing music as we got older. We then started to do R&B and Pop music. We branched out to Asia and we always were travelling extensively in Europe, Africa and basically all parts of the world.



MM: Jackson Twinz, are you still involved with the Church? How has your spirituality been apart of your success?

Danger: It just happened after making one hit after the other. Collaborating with such stars like Bobby Brown, Black Eyed Peas, Prince and Michael Jackson. We had a chance to see Michael before he passed away and what an experience that was for us. We will never forget each and every artist that came into our lives. We are very much spiritual and always have this in our corner always.



MM: Throughout your careers fellows, are there any friends that you met along the way that you would like to mention, in your six degrees of separation?

Preacher: Well, definitely Bobby Brown and the King of Pop Michael Jackson. We always do tributes to Mike and always keep in touch with Bobby from time to time. Then we can’t forget about Stevie Wonder, BackStreet Boys, Rollin Keaton, Boyz 2 Men, PIMK and Black Eyes Peas.

MM: Where are you from and where do you reside now?

Danger: We are from Atlanta but most people call it Hot-Lanta. We reside in Singapore and we are comfortable with our lives and surrounding. Praise God.



MM: In the Show Biz industry are there any entertainers that you admired that you had a chance to kick it with? How have that individual influenced you in your careers?

Preacher: Yes, we know the industry. Anyone who has made it to the top we have basically kicked it with. There are so many stars coming through China it’s unbelievable. Matik has seen it with your own eyes. Remember Tyra Bank’s America’s Next Top Model China, which was her first time in China, that was historic. Then there was Jet Li, Jackie Chan at the Australian Mad Hatter’s and Will Smith had to cancel. Leona Lewis, Enrique Iglesias, Whitney Houston back in the day, and also Michael Jackson. So many wonderful talents have graced this land that we lost count. The super famous stars almost sell their souls in getting to the top, no doubt. You don’t get to the top without going through the process. A lot of stars have money but there is a line that you cross when you want to be a mega and that’s why we have kept humble and walk with God all the way through ever since. Matik we missed your spirit being with us.



MM: I missed you too my brothers. We are family for life. I remember before signing on with the Matik Magazine in 2013 when we did The America’s Top Model China with Tyra Banks and the Australian MadHatter’s Event with The World Health Organization, which was sick, no pun intended. Are you fellows still doing those shows? Are you going to going on tour any time soon to Canada or America?

Danger: Yes we are doing the same thing. Tyra is great and Amir & her husband still ask for you. We have some really interesting projects that will be coming up pretty soon. We are still working on movies with cameo roles and doing commercials whenever called upon. We have just recently hooked up with Marlboro Cigarette Company, as you know we don’t smoke but they have some interesting marketing projects that will involve The Jackson Twinz coming soon. You know if there is a company that’s willing to sponsor us we will always check it out. Nothing is finalized yet but we are in conversation with the best of them.



MM: Are you guys still sponsored by Sony? Who will be sponsoring your next tour?

Preacher: Well we took a much-needed break in the last 5 weeks. We were sponsored as you know with Sony but we are not sponsored with them at this present time. We are on the verge of making history once again and I think with Marlboro if all goes well with our negotiations, we can make history once again. Like I said before we don’t smoke but we appreciate the way they have handled us thus far. These are the top guys of the Marlboro Company that are presently in China.



MM: I personally get asked all the time throughout my travels, particularly in Canada, when is the Jackson Twinz coming to Canada?

Danger: Well, one thing is for sure we will be there for the NBA All Star Game that will be held sometime in Febuary 2016. We are currently working on 5 projects right now and are maneuvering like a spider. So we would say once we get that great sponsor behind us, I would say Spring 2016. Hopefully, Matik Magazine can bring us on you Pre-Olympic Spring Tour.

 MM: For sure you know how we do. It’s been hard because Toronto is booming right now in all facets. I know that we talked about collaborating the mixing of basketball with the singing maybe at one of The Jackson Twinz concert in The Bird’s Nest like when you guys opened up for Leona Lewis. Is this a serious possibility? What is the name of your Publicist and at what company website can we contact them?

Preacher: As you know we do our own work. We are down with VISA complications. Normally, when you make money in China you have to adapt to change. For example, If there is a company that manufactured electronics or anything for that matter, you can’t do it by yourself. You always need somebody to lean on and that is not necessarily a bad thing. If you have great credibility and keep carrying yourself with respectability then you will have many people in your corner to help you China. That’s why we admired the way you carried yourself when you were out here with us a couple years back when you came on tour with us. Our Producer’s and Agents that managed us commented on your spirit and together we created good energy.


Is there any parting words or acknowledgements that you would like to address?

Danger: I would like to say thank you brother and we wish you come back to China real soon bro, we miss you. You know how we do it.

Preacher: Yeah man, don’t underestimate China. It took us 5 years to become famous here with a lot of hard work. The Jackson Twinz don’t belong to any Agency, you make the Agency work for you. Reason being, you got to meet the right client, have a drink or a toast. In China the money is there before the job is done. That’s with people who are serious, then let it manifest. We thank God for making us last this long in China and we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the great people that surround us here in China.



Well, our time has unfortunately come to an end today and I know that you guys have got to get back into the studio and in the gym. Everyone at Matik Media Enterprise Magazine are anticipating your arrival to Canada again and we are forever thankful for you guys taking the time in your busy schedule to make it happen once again. We often say at the Matik Magazine that without the people we would be nothing and we want to thank the people every chance we get. We are looking forward to catching up with you guys again and hope to see you at the NBA 2016 All-Star Game in Toronto in 6 months. Also we knew how close you are with Bobby Brown and we want to share our deepest condolences in regards to Bobbi Christina in her passing. We are with you guys in spirit and we invite you to our website all day every day. For our followers worldwide throughout 25 countries, please keep supporting us because you are the true superstars. Peace and much love. See you all next time, same site on a different day.

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