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April 23rd, 2019 | by Narrantes Thomas





IMG_1401IMG_1400In the city of new york we know that there are alot of up and coming artist coming out of each of the 5 boroughs. Harlem is one of the boroughs that has some of the most talented artist there is. Well their is a new young and talented artist by the name of Mittarachi aka Mitty Mitch coming out of Central Harlem, Mittarachi has been working on his music for about 7 years now. He just recently started taking his passion for music serious  2-3 years ago. Mitt says he plans to exceed past all levels with his music by giving a deep real insight of his life growing up in St.Nick projects and his experiences when he expanded from there. Mitt says he classifies his music imprint as realistic, knowing how many different people there is in the world and thethings he has learned from those people and his experiences. Mitt is trying to allow his reality to make its way to people to show his perspective good and bad. Mitt is 21 years old he grew up in West Harlem St.Nick Projects located at 127th and 8th, Mitt says people think he’s from the Bronx for some reason. Mitt moved to the Bronx for a while to focus on himself and change his surroundings. Mitt records his own music at his built in studio in the comfort of his home, not only is mitt a rapper but he makes his own clothing, does his own art work for his music. Mitt really is a jack of all trades, as he tells me he edits his own music videos and went to school for graphic design and media. Being from Harlem Mitt says he likes to travel to the eastside of Harlem from time to time, 108th an 1st thats the border he says thats where he usally hangs out at with his Brother Border Buck. Mitt has just recently dropped a new Ep project called Mitty Mitch The Ep, Here are the links below to his music:






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