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WBA Inter-Continental Champion Brandon Cook

October 29th, 2015 | by Martin Keane
WBA Inter-Continental Champion Brandon Cook

Interview with
Inter-Continental Welter Weight Champion
of the World.

Champions aren’t made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside, a desire, a dream or a vision. They have to have skills, and they will usually be stronger than their skills. A true Champion is not judged by how much he or she is admired or by their money. It is fundamental in the boxing ring during a fight, a true Champions legacy will be determined by how well they will stand up at the face of adversity.
The commitment that an athlete must have is no doubt paramount in staying loyal to what he says, to what he is going to do, and then he does it. When you are a Champion, you are always going to be the hunted as opposed to being the hunter. You always got to be on top of your “A” game, especially when you have a Championship belt, you must always train harder than you did before. Deep within every Champions heart lies a burning desire to go beyond greatness but must always remember stay humble in their path they choose in live.
In life you have to keep your third eye open for the unexpected and adapt to whatever situation that you are in. Remember the classic saying “Don’t expect much and always be pleasantly surprised” because the fighter that you fight on a given night is always going to try and beat you by any means necessary at all costs.
There is a Welter Weight Inter-Continental Champion by the name of Brandon Cook who is a Canadian legend and was raised in Toronto Canada. Brandon Cook has a record of 15-0 as a professional with 9 KO’s to his resume. Everyone at Matik Media Enterprise Magazine is proud to have a sit down with an unbelievable person and a true pioneer of Toronto inner streets who has been defending his title proudly. Matik Media Enterprise Magazine is delighted to be in the presence of the man they call “Bad Boy”, who is recognized as one of Canada’s brightest rising stars in the boxing world today, WBA Inter-Continental Champion Brandon Cook.


MM: Hello Brandon how are you doing today Champ?
BC: I’m good thanks glad to talk with you.

MM: Much respects to you Brandon, its great to be talking with you today and thank you for taking the time out in your busy schedule today. Can you tell the world how long have you been Champion now and when is your next title fight?
BC: The belt I have now I won on June 27, 2015. I had 2 Canadian Championship belts before this one. This is the biggest belt to date no doubt. My opponent I beat was from Austria and he was 28-5 and I was fortunate to knock him out in the 4th Round. I had to bring it back to Ajax .

MM: Everybody at Matik Media Enterprise Magazine all know your name but to talk with you today and to sit with a World Champion is awesome. Can you share with us briefly how you got started in boxing and who were your mentors that help you along the way?

BC: Pretty much it was my boxing coach Mike Guyett that got me started. When I was younger I use to get into fights alot in the streets and he saw that I was knocking people out and said we got to get this guy in the ring. Mike really knows alot about all boxing stuff inside and out. He helped me get to a 15-0 record and everything we did pretty much clicked. We are both 29 years old and work at the same place.

MM: Tell me something Brandon, how does it feel being Champion and tell us about your training schedule and what you do in a given week?

BC: Well I work full time and also get my training in and pretty much have a full schedule. I wake up every morning 4:45am and run at least 12 km and then go to work from 7am – 6pm. After a long day I finish off my training with technical stuff and weights before I call it a day. My running may be 45 minutes to an hour and I don’t know when I’m going to have day off so I’m always on my guard for the unexpected.

MM: Who is your sponsor at this present moment now and are you going to be able to sign with more sponsors if called upon?

BC: Well at the moment my friend Paul at Wadlow Fire Protection Company has been really supportive and he was there for me when others weren’t. I appreciate that of him.

MM: This question I have been waiting to ask you. Who would you say that was your most difficult fight and would you give them a rematch if they ask you for one? Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

BC: The most difficult fight was probably my first fight vs. François Lafornier. I remember I tried to knock him out from the start of the bell and during the fight I remember that I was exhausted. I eventually knocked him down and I hung in there until I got the win by decision. In looking down the road in 5 years, I don’t try to look down the road too much. I just look at my next fight as the most important fight.

MM: Brandon we are curious to know from a Champions perspective. Who do you feel is the best 3 fighters of all time, including yourself?

BC: I would say a fighter named “Triple G”. I like the way he fights, he has an unbelievable jab and he just keeps going at his opponents. His knockout ratio is unbelievable. Second, I would say Mike Tyson back in the day who was pretty awesome knocking people out left and right. Third, I would say Canelo Alvarez who is going to fight the Champion Cueto. I like his style and it’s going to be a good fight.

MM: I’m sure you have been receiving tremendous attention worldwide as being the WBA Welterweight Champion of the World and there are many female fans than are wanting to know this. Are you married or have a significant other?

BC: Well, I’m not married but I’m engaged to be married. I have been with my lady for 11 years so I’m pretty focused on what I have to do.

MM : We are presently putting the finishing touches on your television deal that we are sourcing independently right now. Can you give us a commitment to come and join us again in our studios in the near future or at one of our promotional event with your WBA Inter-Continental belt?

BC: Oh yeah, for sure most definitely.

MM: I know that your training schedule is really hectic right now in training for your next fight at the Hershey Center in Brampton Canada. If you have a low impact day during the week, we have some of our high major NBA prospects that would love to train with you for a day. Is this possible, or maybe for 2 hours?

BC: It all depends on my schedule and my Coach. I have certain obligations throughout the week it’s crazy.

MM: What is your favorite car? Reason being we would like to invite you with us to play golf with Sam Eltes who is the CEO of Mercedes Benz Canada one day hopefully in the spring.

BC: My favourite car is a Camero, I got a Chevy Cruise right now.

MM: Do you plan to always live in Canada or are you going to move to a more tropical country so you can train year round?

BC: I plan to stay here for now unless something comes up. My lady and I pretty much bought a house and built it from the ground up. Everything in the house is pretty much the way we wanted it and I’m happy with that.

MM: Great stuff Champ . Unfortunately Champion we have just about coming to the end of our interview with you. Is there anything that you would like to say to your many fans around the world?

BC: I just want to thank everybody who has supported me and everyone that has been behind me in putting things together. There has been alot of tickets that has been sold for my upcoming fight against Rafael Pinto from Uruguay at the Hershey Center in Brampton Ontario Canada on November 21, 2015. I hope to see all my fans there.

MM: Thank you very much for being with us today Brandon and we look forward to seeing you again and hanging out. Everybody at Matik media Enterprise Magazine will be supporting you a lot more know and will definitely come and watch your progress as you steady climb to the top. You are currently ranked 12th amongst Champions which is awesome. Go Canada! If there is anything that Matik Media Enterprise Magazine can do for you in the future please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We love you brother for being a Canadian, we are very proud of you and your accomplishments. Welcome to the Matik famkly. Take care Champ.

Well there you have it, one of Canada’s fastest rising stars in the boxing world, “Bad Boy” Brandon Cook from Ajax Ontario Canada. Worldwide in the sporting industry there are few Champions that have a humbleness in their personality, especially when you are a defending Champion. Matik Media Enterprise Magazine strategically and tactfully selects interesting people across a large spectrum that most International Magazines do not do. In order to be recognized for your work, our philosophy is to empower whomever we are interviewing because if you can spiritually connect with good people, great things will follow automatically. So that’s why we often put in are articles, “Keep it Matik and Keep it real”. Innovation will be a key area for all companies everywhere in the world in the next 10 years because competition is at its climax and in a capitalistic world of 8 Billion plus you only get what you deserve. Its like preparing your favorite meal after a long days work, you have to add spice and seasoning in your meal to your liking. Every person that we interview is considered family to us and Matik Media Enterprise Magazine always stays in contact with our family members worldwide to encourage our members progress and to emphasize love in everything we do along the way. Real though, love is the key during your journey and the best part is not getting what you want, its how you went about getting it. Remember the journey is the best part and when you get stressed out and the pressure is too much….take a deep breath and take 15 minutes and log into and embrace one of our articles or get enlightened on the latest across the board. We love all of our family members and keep your lanterns bright. Brilliance is a must. Cheers.

Written by: Martin Keane

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